Three titans of the progressive house music scene combine forces for Trilogy – a futuristic and utmostly captivating club track set for release in 2012. Formerly known as ‘Yummie’, the new collaboration in between Arno Cost, Norman Doray and Laidback Luke unveils a remarkable merge of playfulness, vividness and hardness. Whilst each and every one has shown signs of what they are capable of bringing to the table considering their successful year of 2011 as prominent individuals on the ever growning club music scene with releases like The Days To Come, Breakaway and Natural Disaster, this forthcoming gem from the two Frenchmen and the Hollander is certain to cause your fists to pump, your jaw to drop and goosebumps to significantly appear.

What starts off with a soft, clangerous chord progression, followed by an emerging of a highly pitched yet so smooth set of looming synths and vocal-like sounds in bond with a consistent ”Ta ta” chant, later transits into a vigorous bass drop with distorted bottom layers to, all unitedly, constitute an impressive sound design.

RIP from Tomorrowland 2011

Norman Doray playing the single at Ambassadeur in Stockholm, Sweden for Dirty South and Norman Doray pres. Starphazing


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  • massive

  • I love how perfectly this reflects on future changes in the sound of house music. Great track!

  • feeeet! awesome

  • Anton: Finns det någon info alls om när Sing 2 Me och Trio släpps? Har hört rykten att de ska komma 2011 men med tanke på hur kort det är kvar av året får jag känslan att det inte kommer hända.

  • Dave S: Tyvärr inte. Båda ska släppas på Axtone men inte i år så vitt jag vet. De kommer troligtvis båda förberedas till att bli två av de stora låtarna under nästa års Miami Music Week så att de släpps Februari-April är min gissning. Men Axtone har extremt många släpp som ska ut nu så man vet aldrig.

  • Perfektion i sin högsta grad

  • i LOVE the vocal samples! especially going along with the melody, it’s a perfect sound:)

  • Det här är fan hur house ska låta!

  • Is he just french or high? :)

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