Returning from their superb debut on Size Records in mid June, a taste of Maurizio Nari and Ronnie Milani’s, better known as just Nari & Milani, upcoming second release on the record imprint of Steve Angello has surfaced after seeing its premiere revelation during Swedish House Mafia’s set at Ultra Music Festival in Brazil on Saturday. Reminiscent of its diverse hybrid of a predecessor, Atom also contains powerful, high-pitched synth lines to precede a throbbing drop. Unfolding their well-known predilection to widespread dynamics along the lines of anthemic synth-filled leads in conjunction with large bass drops, their fresh Size signing indicates that the duo has a lot left to give.

‘Atom’ is set to release on April 9th via Size Records.

Update: Official sample added


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  • Sjukt bra!

  • so awesome til the drop :( guess we gonna need another steve angello edit :P

  • wtf house music is really dead

  • first reaction: naaaahh.

  • Unrelated: Do anyone noow what happened to this this other swedish houseblog called houseguiden ?? is it shut down? :( :(

  • ”Mick”, who said this was house? Sounds more like techno/ravy kind of stuff. Classic house music is not dead. You just have to look in other places.

  • So true, Juice.

  • are you guys kidding me? its obviously a sick drop, we just cant hear the bass….

    sounds like a fucking monster to me

  • Stop trolling ths is INSANE! But ok i would like a Steve Angello edit of course! :)

  • Out March 2012 , Nari & Milani confirmed it on their Facebook .

  • This music is fucking insane !
    I can’t wait for the release !

  • March?!?!?!? What the f***??????

  • this is a big tune


  • love it!! btw does anyone know what they’re actually shouting in the drop?

  • @ Sounds like ”Blast, Speed, Go!”

  • The drop is awsome, but the frickin overdone snare comes in and ruin everything. No innovative stuff there at all.

  • Probably The Sickest Drop! Really Loving The Bass On That Drop! Nari & Milani Might Take Long To Release But The Wait Is Worth It!

  • Great -______- , kinda expected that it wouldnt drop on the 26th since Sing2Me is dropping that day . This sucks man Size Rec. keeps screwing up .

  • Alex: Why are you blaming this on Size Records? They had nothing to do with it.. The date was made up and falsely announced by Nari & Milani themselves. ‘Atom’ will, however, be released soon.

  • How did bestmyday found out the date nari milani announced was falsely stated?

  • Alz: Size Records told us. We will have the real date for you shortly.

  • Nope you are all wrong. This track will never be released. This is the problem a teaser comes out like six months before the release then I forget about the track and lose my excitement.

  • Victor: Yes, it will. It’s released in April on Size Records.

  • @Anton:Thanks

  • @Philip

    Sounds like they sampled the vocals from this track. (Which probably are sampled from some other track.)

  • wow size… thats so fucking sad.. waiting this long and first setting a date? then not holding it? kinda sad.. believe that the reason is that they didnt release it cuz it would compete with SHM’s track Greyhound, and in compete I blow it away. Same thing happened with Third Party – Feel, where Size waited god knows how long and Refune speeded up the release of Otto Knows – Million voices

  • They sampled Nitzer Ebb Sample – Let Your Body Learn :)

  • This song has grown on me hugely, One of the biggest Festival Songs in a Long time, Massive Drop!

  • the vocals are sampled from Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn . :)

  • @Alan Wake – lol now that I listen to that one, Atom sounds like a remix for that song o_O

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