Jetting condignly in at #24 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s poll, I believe it’s safe to state Hardwell has made some notable marks on clubland this year. Fuelled by the magnitude of his collaborative effort with Tiësto, entitled Zero 76, Encoded and a streak of hit remixes, the reputation of the Breda icon is still soaring signficantly as he returns to his own Revealed Recordings label to headline the follow-up release to Munster with a momentous edit. Enhancing the label’s purposeful existence of being a platform that allows young aspirants to build their foundations, Haiti-bred DJ and producer Michael Brun, whom currently resides in the U.S, prepares for the ground-breaking release of Dawn. Going from a soothing and delightful break-down to altisonant synths and consistent kicks, Dawn represents the signature sound of camp Revealed spot-on. And with the touch of the label honcho himself, fattening the original up for a more powerful progression, the 26th release off the Revealed imprint is the ultimate Christmas gift for those affected to high-pitched synths.

Michael Brun’s ‘Dawn’ is due out December 19th via Revealed Recordings along with an edit from Hardwell.

00:00 – Hardwell Edit
02:34 – Original Mix


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  • anthem

  • what a track from (two) wonderkids

  • Damn, the new soundcloud-player looks like shit… :(

  • O.W: A big advantage is the fact that you can listen via your mobile phone when using these players.

  • The problem is that is isn’t as flawless as the old one, in at least my case it’s seems like there is a 50 percent chance of the player even showing up. Weird

  • Anton: Well, that’s a big +!:)

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