Based out of Atlanta, USA, electro Dj and producer Le Castle Vania, an alias of Dylan Eiland, joins Deniz Koyu, Nause and others on the forthcoming remix package for Kaskade and Rebecca & Fiona’s Turn It Down. Apart from the hard-lined style of his previous outputs, Eiland’s experimental touch contiues to flourish as turns the second lead of Kaskade’s recent seventh artist album, ”Fire & Ice”, into a seven-minute long heart warmer. What at first appears to be a production similar to Ryan Raddon’s original as it borrows quite significantly from the its rapid and soft chords and Rebecca & Fiona’s silky voices later emerges in its natural grace. Tweaking the regular sweepy sound that is becoming immensely popular these days with a grating feel for the creation of an experimental yet melodious and enchanting alteration to Turn It Down.

The remixes of ‘Turn It Down’ are out December 13th via Ultra Records.


6 Comments to “Preview: Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix) [Ultra]”

  • OJOJOJ vad den kör!

  • I love these refreshing electro takes on songs! This reminds me of Mord Fustang´s immense take on `In the air´

  • huge !

  • Faan vad härlig!

  • One of my favorite remixes of the year. That lead synth is haunting!

  • @ Bruce Kable

    LOL, funny you say that about In the Air remix, before you even said ”in the air,” I read ”…refreshing electro take…Mord Fustang…” and in the air immediately popped up in my head, i feel the EXACT same way!!! great minds think alike

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