Stemming from Friday’s Essential Selection with Pete Tong, the teaser of a new Style Of Eye remix has released. Embracing an unorthodox lead and nostalgically appealing piano undertones to supplement Soso’s sterling voice, another testament to Style Of Eye’s diverse style and brilliance has entered the spotlight. Whereas most producers seem to gradually approach the commericial, the underground-ish touch of electronic dance music veteran Linus Eklöw remains and features clearly on this fresh, Pete Tong-premiered remix. Returning to remix duty after his remix to Save The World together with Carli earlier this year, the Refune signed producer from Sweden capital does wonders to a new single from an up-and-coming singer also deriving from Stockholm. Taking gracefully advantage of the high-coloured voice of Soso, Style Of Eye preserves the Who’s Gonna Love Me original’s rare charm, as if someone was expecting anything different, for the upcoming release on January 1st 2012 via This Is Music.


9 Comments to “Preview: Soso – Who’s Gonna Love Me (Style Of Eye Remix)”

  • LOVE IT!

  • +1 love it too

  • style of eye really never disappoints

  • Amazing

  • Style of Eye får alldeles för lite uppmärksamhet än vad han förtjänar. Riktigt skicklig producent!

  • oh god… style of eye is very good at keeping things interesting with a high quality

  • Hey guys it’s January 2nd, where is the remix? :/

  • Bandis: Not sure.. The official video is due to surface tomorrow so hopefully the release will be online tomorrow, at the very latest.

  • Anton: Let’s hope so! :)

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