Kicking things off with the playful and hard-hitting take on Save The World, the progression of the two Pendulum members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen who now also constitute the dance music act Knife Party was off to a flying start. And in case the aforementioned remix to Swedish House Mafia was not enough to fortify themselves stoutly at the very heart of clubland, their upcoming collaborative effort with Swedish House Mafia that is Antidote sure as hell will. Featuring their homegrown and and utterly iconic sound, the realms of electronic dance music are graced by the first EP of Knife Party. Unfolding a fusion of a creative sample of the ringing sound of a mobile phone, an ironic yet somewhat purposeful and a fierce electro-house progression with strong influences of the soaring genre of dubstep, Internet Friends has been deemed the sought-after headliner of this well-reputed release of Swire and McGrillen. With a considerably larger dose of some intricately churning sounds of French house blended with some gorgeously pitched synth lines and passionate yet heavily thumping wobbles, Tourniquet rounds the uptempo side of this forward-thinking EP off slickly.

Also included in the ”100% No Modern Talking” EP are the dubstep gems Fire Hive and Destroy Them With Lazers.

Beatport Link

Knife Party – Internet Friends – Free Download

Knife Party – Tourniquet – Free Download


20 Comments to “Free Download(s): Knife Party – Internet Friends / Tourniquet”

  • Fat!

  • probably the most creative tracks ive heard in quite a while

  • @koko: Amen to that.

  • Cool, two free tracks more!
    But something confuses me, why do they offer both tracks still for sale on beatport? Where’s the logic?

  • huge tracks

  • Kevski: The EP is primarily on free give-away. But since there are people who like supporting the artists by buying their tracks, it’s available for purchase as well.

  • YEAH!

  • thanks for the free download

  • Internet friends var ju brutalt dålig. Den andra var helt ok!

  • ”You Blocked Me On Facebook, Now You’re Going To Die”!!

    Just Awesome

  • @Anton Vet du något om låten som kickar igång vid 1:18?

    Ny SHM kanske?

  • Jocke: Tyvärr vet jag inte, nya SHM kan det vara men tror inte det faktiskt. Skulle tippa på en ny Size låt.

  • @Anton Tack för ett sjukt snabbt svar! SHM eller inte, fet som fan är den iaf.

  • Both songs are really good. They are just tearing up shit right now.

  • Internet Friends… Knife party gives a sick tuneeeee there!!

    Just like they did with the ”Antidote”

  • Borde inte inlägget taggas med ”dubstep”, eftersom båda låtarna är i den genren?

  • NU läste jag artikeln :) Men, det vore bra om inläggen börjar taggas rätt. Dubstep:en bara väller in, och det vore bra om man kan göra korrekta tagg-sökningar.

  • Janne: Ingen av dessa två låtar är Dubstep. Och vad menar du med att tagga posten som dubstep??

  • Inte dubstep? Jag och några till ute på www anser detta vara dubstep. Du anser det vara?

  • Janne: Detta handlar inte om vad man anser det vara. Detta handlar om hur låtar kategoriseras. Dubstep kännetecknas i dess noterbart neddragna tempo medan dessa två är strukturerade enligt electro-house men kan ibland lura folk med denna nya grejen där House-producenter inspireras av ljuden i dubstep och därmed får en lite mer hårdare ljuddesign. Bara för att ljuden är likt dubstep kan man inte kategorisera de lika då kategoriseringen grundas på strukturen av låtarna, vilka, i detta fall, faller inom undergenren electro-house.

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