The aspiring Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman are back to take on the titan foursome from London that is Coldplay. Whilst Swedish House Mafia, Fedde Le Grand and Tiësto are successfully dibbling their own remixes on two tracks off the rock group’s latest studio album, the Stockholm duo make a go at an acclaimed offspring off of Coldplay’s second studio album, released in 2002, and are consequently picking up on the trend to render club cuts of one of the biggest music acts of our time. After a prolific year that has been jam packed with a host of remixes to Free,Call My NameVisions Of LoveBoom and a single with The Funktuary named Ignited to only name a few, the two return to shed light on their frisky take on The Scientist.

Atop the heavenly sing-along vocals of lead singer Chris Martin, the Swede’s add a catchy whistle and fundamental piano chords to make up a peerless break-down. Followed by a plump synth drop with powerfully pounding kicks and perfectly pitched upper layers, the club revamp of ‘The Scientist’ is due to fuel the ingeniousness of the pair into further recognition and build upon the reputation of being a duo with a bright future ahead.

The Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman version of ‘The Scientist’ is now out to download for free!



46 Comments to “Free Download: Coldplay – The Scientist (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Mix)”

  • Finally! I’ll make sure it’s going to payed at lot of times on the internet party radio,!
    Full support! Thanks for download, it’s huge!

  • Great remix!
    Everything of Coldplay sounds great, even with parts of house.

  • Amazing guys, your my idols <3

  • pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!
    <3 the amazing drop @ 1:50!!! What a f*cking eargasmic tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3

  • Such a good song. My new favourite duo! Jag bor i england för tillfället och jobbar stenhårt med att sprida er vidare. Fortsätt langa hits! xx

  • Finally i get to play this banger out at the venues!! =)
    Much love to Dimitri & Wyman for releasing it already! <3

  • great song thanks beat my day thanks dimitri & wyman

  • ouff

  • hellll yesss!!! SO HAPPY NOW!!!

  • Nice one!

  • Nirrr

  • Amazing track! Thanks beatmyday for supporting these guys, they have an incredible future ahead of them if they keep up this pace in 2012.

  • Been waiting for this for weeks! Going to get Boston’s first listen this Friday Night!

  • Damn, i have been waiting for this a long time!!!


  • Finnaly… Respect for this guys…

    Support from Serbia…

  • this is unbeliavable, awesome track guys!

  • Old soundcloud player back? WOOP WOOP

  • I predict a huge future for these guys, great track!

  • 5/10

  • Why is this track so hyped? Not even good imo.

  • Great remix! I’ve loved The Scientist since the movie Wicker Park – simply amazing track selection.

  • congrats, you have made a track that sounds like everything else

  • i really don’t see whats so good about this..

  • Decent track IMO.

    Well produced though. But nothing special, really.

  • Var tog Wild World vägen? Skulle inte den släppas idag?

  • steve-o: Beatport-strul…

  • Much love to you guys

  • Love Coldplay and this Remix was perfect one. Not to hard drop but PERFECT

  • Awesome track, thanks guys!

  • omfg 31 comments?! it’s an ok production but nothing more than that! if it isn’t the producers themselves/their close friends commenting like dicks just to build up the hype, I’m shocked of how much attention this is getting compared to other, much better, work!

  • @wayyway

    Please, just because the producers you like doesn’t get as much attention as you want them to wont change the fact that everyone else seems to like this song. Dont hate.

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