With a legion of hit singles and remixes under their belt, the burst and break-through of one of the successful trio’s descending from Russia this year has been inevitable. Having sooped the perpetual attention of Swedish House Mafia amongst many other electronic dance music aristocrats, 2011 has seen Hard Rock Sofa become one of this year’s most essential assets to the progression of the club music scene. Whilst thriving utterly from such trademarks as Phantom, True Emotion, remixes for Don’t Cry and In The Air, the looming signature kickdrum combinations of the three Smolensk-bred Russians come forward yet again. This time, to officially follow up their blinding debut on Axtone Records, Blow Up, with a second tremendous installment on the record label of Axwell.

As premiered by Swedish House Mafia at Ultra Music Festival in Brazil earlier this month, Hard Rock Sofa breathe new air into their continued ascent as the very first sample of another upcoming Axtone record, entitled Quasar, has surfaced. Featuring Denis Chepikov, Alexander Shapovalov and Sergey Zuev’s discerning take on modern-day’s popular, dubstep-influenced electro-house wobbles, growling build-ups and a quite soothing break-down, Quasar is the next throbbing club gem deriving from the hands of Hard Rock Sofa and one certain to break new ground for the three.

RIP from the Swedish House Mafia show at Madison Square Garden (Updated sample)


19 Comments to “Preview: Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar [Axtone]”

  • The bootleg is Coming Home (DS Remix) + Aerodynamic by Daft Punk not Technologic ;)

  • huuuuge!!

  • Anton hur fick du reda på det var Quasar? :) Såg en youtube kommentar ang den låten men jag hittade inge info om quasar.

  • Pesh: Hard Rock Sofa, detta är en exklusiv avslöjning.

  • Anton, vet du mer om Wild World-releasen?

  • steve-o: Som sagt är det Beatport-strul och Daddy’s Groove väntar fortfarande på svar från Beatport vad som egentligen händer. Annonserar mer så fort jag får reda på mer.

    Julien: Indeed…haha. Thanks for the heads-up :)

  • Amazing track even better then blow up fo sho

  • Massive indeed

  • antidote inspirerat? bra tryck dock, känns fet!

  • Riktigt fet!

  • Fan vad dom måste byta ut den pressbilden, så jäääävla däven! Det ser ju ut som farsan posar med sina två söner på någon semesterbild i kroatien, typ.

    Fet låt dock!

  • it is huge ! hope it will be released soon.

  • @M
    Haha där fick du mig att garva.

    Kan inte annat än hålla med alla föregående, fet låt! Hoppas på en preview snart.

  • @M


  • fy i helvete va fet!!!

  • Breaket påminner om Style of Eye – Girls breaket…. på ett bra sätt! Riktigt fet!

  • is there a beatport link download for this track yet? i can’t find it anywhere! help would be appreciated!

  • Rich Sobeck: This track is not released yet.. Keep your eyes peeled on our site for more info on when the release is due.

  • thanks, can’t wait!

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