It is fair to say that Australia has been somewhat slow on the mark as far as Electronic music is concerned. Tommy Trash then, was sent to slay any misconception that there wasn’t some promising noise at the other end of the globe. Now a bonafide member of the Electro House elite with bangers for Cr2, Stealth, Great Stuff and Ministry of Sound, there has been little sign of the Aussie producer hitting brakes for 2011.

Building on the mechanically butch original laid down by the Swedish House Mafia and Pendulum side project Knife Party, Trash brings the burly Electro House vibes that have sealed his name to the big-time with notable success. Croaking bass and those all-too-familiar pitch-defying leads take a u-turn on the original track’s relatively consumer-safe aura, packing a well-deserved punch into this already popular late coming club anthem. Though somewhat lacking the stamina of previous offerings boasted by this outrageously loud Aussie producer, there is a certain pulse to his cut of Antidote that was previously lacking, signalling that this transition to the realms of big name remixes may be the first instalment of an extended legacy for Tommy Trash.

The Tommy Trash remix of ‘Antidote’ is due to see its release on January 13th and worldwide on January 15th 2012.

Words by Dan Carter

*Updated: official preview

23 Comments to “Preview: Swedish House Mafia, Knife Party – Antidote (Tommy Trash Remix)”


  • haha dan, you’re like a quality typewriter, amazing writing!! also, i prefer this remix to the original

  • Kan han sluta vara så jävla enformig nån gång. Istället för att köpa den här kan man ju fortsätta lyssna på ‘John Dahlback feat. Erik Hassle – One Last Ride (Tommy Trash Remix)’

  • Holy shit, dissapointed as fuck :)

  • njaaa

  • a + 1 …. droppet låter verkligen exakt som one last ride….

  • Hahahaha I was just waiting for the drop and I was not suprised. It’s the same shit over and over again.

    I’m sorry but Tommy Trash is doing what Klaas did with his fucking Infinity beat and beating it to death. Be original or geat out.

  • holy shit my ears wanna kill my hands because they pressed play…

  • i really like tommys style and this remix is huge. although i sort of agree with some of you saying he should try something new

  • kom igen….. han bygger upp det hela fett bra, men sen tar hans standard synthar över och dödar alltihop. inge vidare bra det här..

  • @Bud Fox
    Jag håller med. Är det nånting den här killen faktiskt kan så är det breaks. Tycker alltid han lyckas göra en grym jävla buildup vilket för mig ytterligare besviken på droppet.

  • Great Remix… The rhythm of the voice sample is clever…But i agree with you all. Tommy Trash in his lastest Tracks is Lazy,Using The SAME samples…I know he has a huge potential!
    just listen…to Future Folk,Carry Me Home (Tommy trash Remix)(So underrated this track!),Blair Bitch Project…AND OHRWURM thats is going to be released On December 19th. Did you know about that Beatmyday team?

  • Jag tycker att han gör helt rätt. Han har lyckats hitta sitt signatursound vilket han kör fullt ut på just nu.

    Alla hans remixer låter inte såhär. Lyssna på hans remix på ”Slumber” för att nämna en. En av de bästa låtarna 2011 imo.

  • agree it’s starting to get boring it’s like the same track over and over …. One of my favorite from tommy trash is ”Tommy Trash & Angger Dimas – Trumpetto” i thin it’s unreleased.

  • @hector Where didi you Finf This track? Never Heard about it…

  • han e lika enformig som avicii för bubblan

  • He’s like Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes were earlier this year, pumping out a couple of tracks each week. Hopefully he’ll take it easier in the future and just release quality productions.

  • It’s not that original, the remix is minimal. The build-up is fantastic, but what the fuck wast that drop ?

  • tommy trash is starting to get way too repetitive using the same sounds, he needs to change it up a bit. he has massive potential, and reckon some of his older tracks are some of his best work such as
    Goodwill & Tommy Trash – It’s A Swede Thing
    Tommy Trash – Amsterdam 01
    Tommy Trash – Amsterdam 02
    Tommy Trash – My Eternity
    Tommy Trash – Slide

    Still a solid remix, but looking forward to that next bomb

  • tommy TRASH he really sucks

  • börjar fa bli redigt trött på hans väldigt enformiga sound.

  • this track is a mega disappointment

    clearly he just opened up his ‘One Last Ride’ remix project and worked on top of it. Even the percussion is the same. Sighh.

    I was really liking this guy for a sec.

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