Somewhere between the ground-breaking remix on Deadmau5 and Chris Lake’s ‘I Said’ in early 2010 and the recent release of Last Day On Earth has clubland seen Michael Woods dibble his name firmly on the list of England’s finest. He comes off an abundance of success, although the amount of recognition is still not filling his quota, including the production request for Example’s lead single off of his third artist album, which he so gracefully accomplished. Now, a mere year after the release of No Access for the re-launch of his own Diffused label, Woods unveils its very official follow-up, entitled Full Access, coming up in a two-piece EP on Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records. Similar to its predecessor, Full Access contains Woods’ mighty signature synth lines, a soothing interlude and smashing kickdrums and is therefor crowned the head of the Fly Eye EP that also consists of Let The Games Begin – a darker track with far less intricate build-ups in its consistent and brutal appeal.

The ‘Full Access’ EP is out now via Fly Eye Records.

Michael Woods – Full Access EP [Fly Eye Records] – Beatport Link

Michael Woods – Full Access
Michael Woods – Let The Games Begin


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  • Feta båda två!

  • Somehow I like ‘No Access’ more than ‘Full Access’ of Woods. : D

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