Having teamed up with the influential remixer that is Axwell twice last year for the remixes on ‘Nothing But Love’ and ‘Walk With Me’, both times representing the Swede’s Axtone label, and debuted the tremendous Eargasm single on Steve Angello’s Size Records in March of this year, Naples-bred Daddy’s Groove have arguably been an intriguing duo to watch emit nothing but top notch offerings over the past year. And with their signature remixes of LoveWhere Them Girls At and Sharing out, the long-awaited follow-up to the single that has been an essential asset to the live sets of AN21, Max Vangeli and Norman Doray throughout the complete year has finally come to light. With a feel-good synth lead that screams of nothing but the warmth of the Summer sun in conjunction with a set of rolling drum lines, the House bliss that is Wild World is out now through their own Test Pressing Records as a major sequel to We Are In Da House.

Daddy’s Groove – Wild World [Test Pressing Records] – Beatport Link


18 Comments to “Release: Daddy’s Groove – Wild World [Test Pressing]”

  • ABOUT TIME, although i feel like this shouldve been released in the summer considering its such a summer track

  • this track needs a vocal that will capture the feeling of the track and what daddys groove is trying to portray

  • Maybe there will be a vocal mix in the future, otherwise why is it called as an instrumental mix at beatport?

  • Kevski: There will indeed be a vocal mix coming :)

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