Despite the influx of predictable trends and uninspiring crossovers, the return of bonafide Detroit House legend Kevin Saunderson and the reincarnation of Inner City came to the delight of old school aficionados and next generation enthusiasts alike, suggesting an inspiring step back to the innovative origins of Electronic Dance Music.

Laced with soulful groove and the deep emotive qualities of singer/songwriter duo Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson, Future plays on a vintage quality of House music that until recently was lost upon the world. Playing with slightly more purity than Kevin Larkin’s previous mix, the Deep See Sound System Mix revisits a time of love, happiness and unique energy that only the genres true legends can boast of touching upon. With any luck, this is a nod to the future of Saunderson’s well-served genre to which he has evidently remained a vital contributor.

‘Future’ is out now via Defected Records.

Words by Dan Carter

Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City – Future (Deep See Sound System Mix) [Defected Records] – Beatport Link

Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City – Future (Deep See Sound System Mix)

8 Comments to “Release: Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City – Future [Defected]”

  • the legend is BACK!! brilliant track

  • brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why not include the Kenny Larkin Tension Mix?

    even better

  • Ruben: Didn’t like that one as much.

  • Quite subjective view there, It’s #1 on Techno beatport chart. Apparantly a lot of people do like that remix ;)

  • Ruben: We don’t post stuff based on its positioning on the charts but how we, ourselves, feel about it :)

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