Bridging the gap between Dutch House and mainstream music with a surprising lack of contempt from the global industry, Afrojack has excelled all expectations on the road to global stardom. Where ‘Take Over Control’ marked Nick Van De Walls leap from the hustle and bustle of the Dutch underground, a consistent level of contribution and signings through his beloved imprint Wall Recordings has established the leading Dutch player as an artist whose signature sound plays wonders throughout the entire industry.

Taking time out from the high-end collaborations, the second instalment of his ‘Lost and Found’ series brings back the traditional vibes of his studio output with maximal force. In a blind fury of low-end fury and persistently scattered synth play, Vancouver lights the fuse for Van De Wall’s dynamic Dutch explosion, with sinister lead-driven club grinder Montreal delivering a rigid and unassuming insight into the energy of renowned live sets. Renowned little-brother of Size Records Stormer ‘Pacha on Acid’ is then given a surprisingly worthwhile turn to the down-tempo, leading the way to elaborate finale ‘What Are You Doing’ for a dynamic showdown of distorted synth and frantic phaser shots. With further previews to see the light of day, Lost and Found II promises to be more than just a collection of B-Sides and half hearted remodes, but rather a nod to Afrojack’s continuous vitality to hard-hitting House music of the Dutch orientation.

A total of seven Afrojack singles are compiled for release as ‘Lost and Found Part 2′ on December 26th.

Words by Dan Carter

Afrojack – Vancouver

Afrojack – Montreal

4 Comments to “Preview: Afrojack – Lost & Found Part II [Wall]”

  • vancouver is soo massive!!

  • Thought for a while he was going to do an avicii, play and reveal a lot of new tracks then dont release them.Thank god for this package. I think avicii should do one of these too.

    Out of these two, I actually prefer montreal

  • Vancouver, finally!

  • how anyone can seriously like this is beyond me..

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