In a bid to kick things off in outright style for the renowned imprint of The Shapeshifters, Something Good don their well-received dance floor intellect to the atypical House grooves of award winning Scottish producer Roy McLaren. With both acts proving themselves to be vital players for 2011, the New Year a digression from the typically big room buoyancy of the Finnish duo, replacing it with a rather atypical fusion somewhat more conversant with the original.

Diving into a deep canvas of misshapen 80’s disco grooves and warm synthesisers, Something Good encompass the grooves of a misshapen 80’s disco, providing what could well be acclaimed as one of the most original and artistic instalments of House music since it’s over-complimented heyday. Setting the standard to an all-time-high for 2012, Nocturnal have certainly set the standard to an all-time-high, reigniting the flame of hope that beyond the surface of things, crucial digressions from R&B crossovers and Dub Step remixes are still possible.

The Something Good remix of Minor Affair is released January 18th via Nocturnal Groove.

Words by Dan Carter

*Updated sample

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  • Wow yes this is classic

  • that’s amazing!

  • Love it!

  • Long time since I heard something this fresh …

  • great job on this!

  • really good

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