In an era where many producers tend to be unable to forge their own unique path but follow in others’, French DJ and producer phenomen Arias comes as an eminent innovator. Despite his few appearances on the production side of things, examples have testamented to the limitless scope of the Parisian’s creativity and ingeniousness. Primarily known for the eagerly-awaited and wildly underestimated The Days To Come with fellow partner in crime Arno Cost and vocalist Michael Feiner, it comes as no surprise that this talented Frenchman has laid his hands on the distinguished Someone Like You by Adele for an alternative interpretation now out to download for free in the most sentimental of times – Christmas. Mixing Adele’s soulful and outrightly incredible voice with soothing and mysterious undertones to later pave the way for a significant turn to proceedings and switch into a progressive synth play with hints of nostalgic French house and dominant bass lines, Arias’ version of Someone Like You is arguably one of the better ones to have surfaced this year.



7 Comments to “Free Download: Adele – Someone Like You (Arias Version)”

  • French house at its best!! <3

  • it is, Arias Vision*

  • Atrin: Well aware, wrote version to not confuse people with the meaning of ‘vision’.

  • Incredible sensations …

  • Beautiful kick

  • Äntligen börjar Arias droppa grejer igen! han och arno cost tillsammans är oslagbara!

  • Please can someone tell me which kick he is using here??? its out of this world!

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