Though things ended quite abruptly in late June after the release of his remix of Party Rock Anthem due to the birth of his very first baby and some admirable parenting, Kim Fai’s year of 2011 as far as his music output goes has still been quite the notable journey if you sift it through. Coming out with the Era EP via Steve Angello’s Size Records, the Zen EP via Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records and remixing Sun & Moon and In My Life all over a period of this year’s first six months, Fai has dibbled himself as one of England’s few progressive House exports of great measures. Now, merely half a year after his latest release and countless ass whipes later, the Tipton-bred Richard Cheung marks his return to proceedings promptly and boldly with an intricate, synth filled offering that causes us to remember the production knack of Kim Fai.

Consisting of a number of overlapping and downright rapturing melodies and a pretty gentle yet firmly structured kick, L.I.C is the record that Fai is now seen giving away as a free download in the charitable times of Christmas.

DOWNLOAD (320kbps)


5 Comments to “Free Download: Kim Fai – L.I.C”

  • really cool track!! is it just me, or is anyone else feeling a lack of power in the kick?

  • nice track, that shirt do you where i can get it? :) :)

  • @bobsal
    Agreed. I can barely hear/feel the kick drum.

  • It’s kind of always like this with his tracks..Era’s kick lacked power and punch just like his prodigy remix. But as the Prodigy remix and this track are free giveaways, it’s possible that they didn’t get proper mastering engineer treatment cause they won’t generate any revenue anyway

  • Horrible mixing, too much compression on the kick

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