From last year’s distinct Tarantula hit to the quite recent remix of Heroes Of The Night by techno legend Umek and Christan Cambas, Swedish-American duo Pleasurekraft has succeeded in becoming two of the most outstanding icons of the modern-day tech scene. Kicking off the release of their 2011 challenger named Carny in April and their take on Sneaky Sound System’s We Love in August, Pleasurekraft present us another trademark of their well-reputed signature sound and iconic way of filtering vocals. Many words could be suitable for describing this highly rated tech-house pair and inimitable might just be the one actually justifying their top submissions to the scene. In times where sentimentality and generosity seem to be two key words for clubland, their eagerly-awaited remix of Porcelain Black and Lil Wayne’s This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like is now given away for free!

DOWNLOAD (320kbps)


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  • I would say this is actually the best tuen from pleasurekraft I’ve ever heard

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