Despite its futuristic sound and forward thinking qualities, there doesn’t seem to have been too many going head over heels for the latest release from the up-and-coming David Borrás, better known as Heren. Hailing from Barcelona, the producer that has just scooped a signing with Plasmapool, the label also known for bringing up Mord Fustang, is, from the looks of things, the face of a new wave of young producers deriving from within the borders of Spain.

Taking on another resident artist of Plasmapool, Hypster, and his February release of 2011, Nitro Play Music, for a significant rework, Heren shows signs for what is looking to be some successful times ahead. Comprising a robotic female vocal, a silky break-down sound progression and playful, intricate and French house influenced build-ups, Heren’s take on Nitro Play Music, released via Houserecordings, is no doubt one worthy a large slice of recognition.

Hypster – Nitro Party Music (Heren Remix) [Houserecordings] – Beatport Link


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