Zedd, real name Anton Zaslavski, continues his pursuit of indisputable acclaim as he makes way for a second installment on Skrillex’s Owsla Records, following the fluctuating and outrightly massive Shave It which ultimately broke him a whole new level and led to the appraisal of Zedd as a top-tier DJ. Recognized for his quite universal style as a producer of diverse and heavy-hitting club tracks, often graced with some software-produced vocals, and his predilection to title his tracks with an ”s” in the beginning, Slam The Door is the next chapter in the progression of the Kaiserslautern-born DJ, and his first release of 2012. From a mellow and melodic break to a thunderous and slamming kick with hints of some French house inspired loops and an old school sounding male vocal chanting ”Don’t Slam The Fucking Door”, Slam The Door is one of those tracks you would find hard to make your mind up about yet pump your fists to when experienced on a proper club speaker system.

‘Slam The Door’ is out January 3rd 2012.

*Updated: official sample


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  • Huuuuge!

  • slam the fuckin’ door, SHIT! good shtuff <3

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