Now well acquainted with the grounds of fame and with a captivating, sing-along anthem in form of Levels to his name, Avicii’s swift rise in acclaim for 2011 has been nothing short of spectacular. As an undeniable star amid modern clubland, Stockholm-bred Tim Bergling, has made some unignorable marks on the industry, setting a new standard of proficiency and talent for synth-driven Progressive House music across the globe. Alongside the successful launch of his well-received monthly podcast and label by the name ‘Le7els’, have added to such landmark releases as Fade Into Darkness, Blessed, Sweet Dreams, Sunshine, the remix of Drowning and a highly anticipated, forthcoming collaboration with young Dutch talent Nicky Romero.

Now teaming up with the rising Aussie double-team of Miriam and Olivia, better known as Nervo, for another synth-tinged club and festival gem of anthemic proportions, the rise of our fellow Swedish 22 year old prodigy continues to show no signs of slowing down. Unfolding the diverse voices of the twin songwriters and Avicii’s well-crafted thumping kicks to complement a set of enchanting synth-filled leads, You’re Gonna Love Again is set to be one of 2012’s larger outings. More info on this as we get it.

0:00 – Avicii feat. Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again
4:40 – Arty & Mat Zo – Mozart

/Anton & Dan Carter

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  • OH MY GOD!


  • That’s boring.
    Avicii, what about releasing good inovative fresh music? You don’t have to satisfy the commercial US market with such a piece of crap.

    We all know you’re much more talented, so release some proper house like you did in 2009-2011.

  • *2009-2010

  • Time to remove the tiesto advert? ——————->>>>

  • M: It will be changed as soon as we get a new ad from the guys paying for that ad spot.

  • Denna skulle ju släppas 2011 enligt Avicii’s promo video som kom i typ mars??

  • Perhaps not as good as Levels but this sure as hell is going to be a BIG one!

  • Awesome song but really crapy mixing @ 4:52.

  • @M jag tror inte Avicii var medveten om att han skulle verkligen bli så här stor, därför dom har väntat tills nästa år då dom kan släppa dessa låtar, som te.x Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Enough), Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Silhouettes, You’re Gonna Love Again, ”Fire” ID2. Och jag tror han vill släppa dom här på Le7els också så.

  • Och jag tror Avicii kommer släppa ett Album innom kort, känns som det.

  • Aftermathhyo: Clearing things up. The real name of ”Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough)” is ”Ash – Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii ‘Hype Machine’ Mix)” –

    The real name of ”Papa Was A Rolling Stone” is ”Ash – PAPA” –

    There is no Avicii track called ”Fire”. It’s officially called ”ID2″ until a proper name is unveiled –

  • ”Ash – Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii ‘Hype Machine’ Mix)” –

    The real name of ”Papa Was A Rolling Stone” is ”Ash – PAPA” –


    That it’s ”ASH” that made the songs?

  • Big one in my opinion, hope this song grow on me.

  • Aftermathhyo: According to Ash himself (Avicii’s manager), those are the correct titles for those tracks.

  • Alright, just wanted to know =)

  • Well atleast i think Avicii will realease a Album very shortly, with all these track on his label for sure.

  • sounds like shit

  • Bacana! Mais Levels ainda e insuperavel!!

  • Well heres a list of what tracks Avicii been playing for the year that are unleased;

    Ash – Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii ‘Hype Machine’ Mix)
    Ash – PAPA
    Avicii vs Eric Turner – Dancing In My Head (Been Cursed Mix)
    Avicii – ID2
    Avicii Feat. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes
    Avicii – Nothing Without You w/ Adele – Rolling In The Deep
    Avicii & Nicky Romero – ID w/ Justice – D.A.N.C.E
    Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii ‘Tour’ Mix)
    Avicii – Hold Me w/ Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me
    Diddy & Dirty South vs Green Velvet & Nicky Romero – Im Coming Home in a Flash (Avicii Ultra Bootleg)
    Henrik B – Acid Rocker w/ Justice – We Are Your Friends (Avicii Bootleg)
    Tim Berg – Abow w/ Kings Of Leon – Sex Is On Fire
    Avicii – Kings of Tomorrow - Finally (Avicii’s Sunshine Bootleg)
    Otto Knows – Visa /w Calvin Harris – Flashback (Avicii Bootleg)

    Please fill me in if i’ve forgotten some :)

  • Aftermathhyo: Henrik B ‘Acid Rocker’ is released. There is no Avicii track called ‘Hold Me’ (the sample on YouTube is not even a Avicii track). The Avicii version of Coldplay is not official and was given away for free earlier this year (meaning it’s already out).

    I wouldn’t count mash-ups as actual Avicii productions.

  • Ah, yeah true it was. Ah i see. Was it? Where?

    Yes indeed I think so too.

  • Oh my fucking god <3

  • Surprised they played it that late since i’ve this track since 2 months :o Good melody but whole structure is boring…

  • You guys are forgetting his best ID, ”Gotta Hold On”… How come nobody talks about this?!

  • woow first track avicii made that did not sound good..The main melody doesnt sound as good as usual avicii melodies imo

  • @Aftermathhyo

    dont forget the music box id that he played at edc, thats one of the greater tracks ive heard from him!

    also, dont forget id3 with nicky romero!

    I need a studio version of this before i have my say

  • @Philip

    The music box id you said, it’s Michael Woods – Drop Zone, remixed by Avicii.

  • @kiko

    ah thanks! didn’t realise avicii had made it official! :)

  • Philip: He hasn’t. Avicii has made no official remix of Michael Woods ‘Drop Zone’.

  • Yea it’s not official but for sure it’s a remix of Drop Zone

  • wow they can’t mix for shit. track is so so. collaboration sounds forced.

  • är det avicii som mixar, mixen över till mozart är ju overklig?

  • Avicii:
    ”For the record – there is no AVICII feat NERVO track! Gotta stop the fakes… :)

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