A solitary spate of hard grind in the studio seems to have served Stockholm’s new-House saviour incredibly well. Already a primetime favourite amid the Axtone crowd and proving an increasingly proficient player on the European clubbing circuit, past peak-time banger ‘Teenage Crime’ alongside the lyrical mastery of Lune truly set the stage for a very special force in Swedish House music. As he prepares to drop his debut album for Ultra Records on March 7, Adrian Lux call’s upon the flawless vocal talents of Linnéa Martinsson once again for a stadiumesque romp of plunging Progressive House drops and ruthless synth-work to set a promising backdrop to the highly anticipated full-length outing that will no doubt delineate the young Swede’s already well-manifested reputation as an essential injection of fresh blood into the overcrowded European House scene.

‘Fire’ is set to release February 7th via Ultra Records.

Words by Dan Carter

25 Comments to “Live Preview: Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire [Ultra]”

  • Adrian Lux is no doubt my favourite producer, his tracks are so clean and genuine!

  • it was about time! great one

  • Really good!

  • Keep on going Adrian!

  • pissnajs

  • Fint som snus!

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