Just when you thought that European talent couldn’t get much younger, Stockholm’s Adam Bjornberg stepped gracefully into the industry to give his elder peers a desperate run for their money. Bouncing back from his debut offering Absolut for Zouk Recordings, 17-year-old Swede hopeful is back on track with another promising track for the new year to highlight the promising movement of Sweden’s elite House offspring. Already a YouTube sensation for his widely supported debut and receiving steady support from the likes of Tiësto enroute, the young producer takes a heavy-handed drop into a positively charged Electro House clash of extreme synth play and big room vibes, pushing his finely developed studio intellect to an all-time-high for a year that promises great things for the budding producer.

Libella is set to be released on February 13th via Zouk Recordings.

Words by Dan Carter

27 Comments to “Preview: Bjornberg – Libella”

  • glad to see bjornberg receiving so much reocognition, supported this guy when he had like 200 views on his original upload of Absolut :)

  • Hm boring stuff

  • Really impressive what this guy shows with already 17 years!

  • This is so amazing, really good progressive house track, this guy will be as big as avicii if he keeps it up !!

  • So wannabe avicii… please come up with your own style/sound. First time i heard your other song absolut i thought it was avicii…

  • hannes hes noot wb avicci … he got his own sound

  • @hannes: Dude, we’ve all had enough of the ”omfg avicii copy!!!”-comments here on BMD. Please, keep it to yourself next time you feel like typing something similar.

  • Stört bra gjort, lite Avicii inspiration men spelar ingen roll!!

  • going to be honest :) dont think this track is so good actually. doesnt sound complete and yes i know hes 17 :) good try but decent track

  • Haters gonna hate we’ll know that… Bjornberg is the new upcoming swede and he’s got talent!!! all my suport too this kid!

  • but dont you think he looks a little bit similar to avicii? ´hehe :D

  • schtek

  • @Pascal
    No, honestly Bjornberg looks way better than Avicii

  • I don’t care if he looks like Avicii or sound like Avicii, the track itself is basically shit.
    And I also do not care if he’s 17 years old, if the track’s shit, it is shit.

  • wow there are some ignorant people out there, the track is good. and manu i think no one cares that u think the track is shit…

  • Hatets gonna hate! Great song, keep it up!

  • FYI: this Guy produce his own music and he is what i have been hearing taking classes to learn how 2 dj! Info to the ones talking shit about this Young talent: Avicii is not producing hos own music and he CANT dj!! Ash, his manager is behind every hit released.

    I Believe Bjornberg is the real deal and he is going to be Bjornberg and no fucking fake as Avicii! But i understand that some are ”hating” well to be honest i wouldnt even be surprised if Tim Berg was one of Bjornbergs haters. He should be scared when à Young talent like this comes along! And bringing everything to the table and being real!

    With this been said and done! I am looking forward to see Bjornberg taking over the USA soon!

  • People are way to serious.

  • Gotta agree with Norling there.. how could you all take this so seriously? It’s music, just enjoy it.

  • What’s up with the first FX. Sounds like it’s far from finished.
    Besides that this is a decent track.

  • @Sven,

    Wow is that true? Where’d you got that info and why wouldn’t Ash relase it himself then and let Avicci getting all the credits? no offence on this, am just wondering as this sounds interesting.

  • Thought it was pretty good…Until I heard the synth riff on the drop! Real saucy. Good original mix, would love to see a huge remix by someone a little more, let’s say, seasoned.

  • @ sven

    HAHAHA, you dont know what ur talking about right??
    Avicii’s not making his own tracks is such bullshit

  • @Sven

    hahahaha, wtf are u talking about,? You obviously don’t know anything, so don’t come here with a bunch of lies.

  • Hmm.. Gillar slingan men låten känns ofärdig. Behöver mastras

  • amazing stuff

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