With mixed enthusiasm and a lot of speculation surrounding a controversial fusion of two allegedly opposite musical forces, the R&B/House crossover has continued to turn heads in a mixture of delight and disgust across the globe. Already firm contributors to this regenerative process of chart monotony, David Guetta and Nicky Romero have proven competent in making positive noise out of the often predictable and mundane realms of popular music.

Picking up the original pieces of the hip hop / Dance oriented original, the French superstar and hotly tipped Dutch hopeful team up for an offering that offers a positive light on the high-risk venture. Opting for Sia’s graceful vocal work over the less-appealing enunciations of the track’s Floridian rhyme smith, Romero and Guetta build an emotive canvas of delicate keys and rising leads before launching into a hard-hitting offering of growling riffs and chugging Electro-tinged House music. Popular music is trying very hard to have its way with Electronic Dance music and with the potential for remodes of the calibre, there are far worse things happening in Dance music than this increasingly popular musical coupling.

Wild One Two by Jack Back, David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Sia is due out February 14th via Big Beat Records.

Official preview

‘Jackback feat. David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Wild Ones’ played by Nicky Romero at the Globe Arena in Stockholm

Words by Dan Carter

14 Comments to “Preview: Jack Back ft. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia – Wild One Two”

  • Nicky is going to blow up massively this year, thats for sure! this remix is a banger, anyone got a release date yet?

  • Very well written, Dan, especially the end of your post.

  • Yeah Nicky going to blast everything this year.

    But any release infos yet?

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  • this sounds like a remake? it might be because it’s a rip. but i’m still not sure…

  • yeah, i can’t hear the bass too well. that must’ve been the problem!

  • @Petey the Shooter: January 30th!

  • why ”jackback” ? who’s jackback ^^ ?

  • it will be out the end of janurary here is a preview from NICKY ROMERO http://snd.sc/yxnxRW

  • Who the hell is Jack Back

  • definitely don’t like the combination of RnB and House — two completely different things. they should stay true to who they are

  • I made a mashup from it and a video on youtube, just search for Wild Ones ”Two” and it will come up as Flo Rida Ft. Sia – Wild Ones ”Two” (Proxy Figura Mashup) :)

  • Sooo, its 14 and no release??

  • M&H: Technical issues over at Beatport.. No releases for the 14th are up yet.

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