Lavish Electro House duo Cazzette have been something of a recurring favourite on the Electronic Dance Music circuit lately. In a short yet prevailing burst of remixes that have seen the young Swedes infuse ‘Levels’ with their efficiently distinct take of the genre, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have made some positive movements given their relatively sparse discography. But having already scoped out the assurance of their undeniable dancefloor dominance, their first original mark on the scene comes just in time and with all the potential that was previously prescript by the likes of Tiesto, Avicii and Sebastian Ingrosso. Driving the debut single’s building synths and incorporating the familiar filler of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ until an official vocal line is established, their apex forms a deep plunge into the realms of solid modern Electro House, dealing in discordant lead play and mechanic cadence to forge one of the genres most crucial contributions to date. With further promise of an official release on the horizon we can safely assume that where Cazzette spent 2011 proving their bearing on global Dance music, the New Year will open the floor to a fresh force of young and hopeful European club music.

DOWNLOAD (320kbps)

Words by Dan Carter

12 Comments to “Free Download: Cazzette – Killmode vs. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now”

  • how generous, im absolutely loving their stuff, so original and unique!

  • Fan va kärlek o släppa denna som Free download! Riktigt, riktigt bra låt!


  • Haha sneaky, denna är ju från Dancing Astrounauts-10k-bootleg-pack

  • do we have christmas already? what a present! thanks boys!

  • Thank you! Even though Dancing Astrounat gave this away two days ago.

  • Massive!!! The vocals is perfect!

  • M + Leri: Yes, fick tillstånd att köra denna såhär.

  • I really love CAZZETTE!
    They are so talented and the stuff they release is HUGE!

    If you also want a free, good mashup of ∆ Resurrection – Michael Calfan/Blue Collision – Michael Canitrot feat. Together (Acapella) – Sebastian Ingrosso & Axwell ∆ then check this out!

  • @DYON Crappy Ken Loi-rip off……..

  • @beatmyday What I really want are more interviews from you! :)

  • I was at their show when they came to town and it was as crazy as they describe here HAHA

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