Primarily known as his hardstyle moniker Headhunterz who jetted in at #17 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s poll in 2011, the Netherlands-bred Willem Rebergen was recently spotted venturing the popular grounds of House music with the launch of a new production alias – Shilo. With a significant electro-house appeal, Music Over Mind is one of the three first offerings from Shilo in his attempt to infiltrate House music aristocracy alongside his onslaught as a prominent figure in hardstyle. Featuring a growling, wobbly and utmostly captivating electro-house lead along with playful and synth-filled interludes and meaty kicks, ‘Music Over Mind’ indicates that this Dutchman also holds the qualities to become a leading figure within the electro-house scene this year.


7 Comments to “Preview: Shilo – Music Over Mind”

  • That sounds more like trance w/ dubstep influence for me

  • Hm, I like it! better than his hardstyle-tracks imo

  • def better than his hardstyle :)

  • Proud of Heady! he’s the best at producing sick hardstyle tracks & know he’s changing style to something new and more modern than hardstyle. Awsome!

  • Feels more like dubstep than house

  • He says he is only doing the electro house tracks for fun to try new techniques, but I really hope he will continue with this in a serious way because he has sooo much potential.

  • Sounds not too bad, but I doubt he will become a leading figure in the electro house scene soon. Guys like Wolfgang Gartner or Deamau5 and many many others acts are miles ahead compared to this production. It might have been hard to get to the top of the Hardstyle genre, but Electro House is def. yet another League, sorry ;)

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