Like they well indicated throughout 2011, the Philadelphia-based Angelo Bratsis and Leon Weingrad, professionally known as Taurus & Vaggeli, are in possession of just the right amount of production proficiency and creativity to star as this year’s break-through act in tech-house. Fairly recognizable from last year’s release of Lifted through Hotfingers and the single contribution, Vamos, to Funk Farm’s first compilation, Taurus & Vaggeli return to preview a part of their upcoming debut on Chris Lake’s Rising Music, the label responsible for the recent outing of Jim Breese’s Get Movin. Set to release as part of an EP called ”Transporter”, Motorpunk is the American’s first single revealed in 2012. Upon a set of well-crafted baselines and throbbing kicks, Motorpunk adds dark and chugging sounds along with some frisky synth plays to make up a diverse and noteworthy production.

‘Motorpunk’ is released January 20th as part of the Transporter EP.


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