Led by the timeless sound of acid-house, Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji combine forces for a superb tribute to the Roland TB-303 synthesizer, from which this phenomenal sound derives. Though it’s unveiled as the first release in 2012 for Mark Knight’s beloved Toolroom Records, this collaborative effort in between two prominent powerhouse’s within tech-house is more of a validation to the permanent and classic force that is acid-house supplemented by sharp kicks and slick drum combinations rather than a modern trend-setter of a record. Clearly emphasizing the statement many House music aristocracts have been witnessed uttering over the past decade, Acid As 303 is certainly an outing that allows people to look back on the early 80’s and the inception of acid-house as a phenomen that, more than 20 years later, still is regarded as an unremitting sound.

‘Acid As 303′ is released January 23rd.


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