Though it was formerly told to be a collaboration alongside Avicii, we can now announce this as a new single from just Nervo. After years of successful songwriting for the likes of Ke$ha, David Guetta, Kylie Minogue and Armin van Buuren among others, clubland watched closely as EMI-signed Miriam and Olivia Nervo in mid 2010 made their debut as producers, only to follow it up with the triumphant year that was 2011 with the utmost ease. Now anting up for another fruitful year for electronic dance music, this synth-tinged club and festival gem of anthemic proportions is certain to play a major role in the Aussie double-team’s rise throughout 2012. Unfolding the diverse voices of the twin songwriters and well-crafted thumping kicks to complement a set of enchanting, synth-filled leads, You’re Gonna Love Again is set to be one of 2012’s larger outings. More info on this as we get it.

Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again (NOT with Avicii)


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  • They sure have taken all of his signature sounds, it has to be a collaboration?

  • as far as i know, avicii has produced the track but will not be named on the release. its like with many other artists

  • Avicii was with Nervo in the studio @ May 2011.

  • Well if this isn’t produced by Avicii, NERVO completely copied off his style. Nice track, but all the build ups and drum progressions are classic Avicii style.

  • The high-pitched perc at around 4 min couldn’t possibly have been made by Avicii, when he does it sounds right and that just sounded off.

  • it’s already leaked on the internet

  • if so then why in this video uploaded by avicii back in march 2011 listing upcoming songs is ”You’re Gonna Love Again” present at 1min 15secs

  • Its probly gonna be realased on [Le7els] and produced by Avicii you can hear hes sound if you listen @

    and listen to

    The exact same sound :p

  • Simon, in that vid it says that in 2011 he would release a song called ”sumacho”. Is this the real name of the song, it has another name or is it still unreleased?

  • still unreleased however no doubt some people will have uploaded a random artists work under the ‘avicii – sumacho’ name for more views

  • It’s only NERVO? Hmm what about this one then: sounds great btw

  • Maybe Avicii will remix it?

  • Great catch Simon, definitely produced by Avicii. I think we’re still waiting on Sumacho and the Daft Punk remix (he posted a preview of the vocal awhile ago and we haven’t heard about it since).

    This sounds good, if a little unoriginal.

  • Aftermathhyo + Simon: It was at first a new single from Avicii but things have now changed and You’re Gonna Love Again will be released as a Nervo single, most likely through EMI. There is still no sample for ‘Sumacho’ out. All samples that say it’s ‘Sumacho’ are false.

    Calvin Brandon: That is not Avicii.

  • @Aftermathhyo That sound you’re referring to is a Vengeance impact sample. Everybordy uses it, not just Avicii.

  • I think Avicii already remix it..

    sounds much better!

  • lol @ yes

    not sure if trolling or just stupid

  • So this proves Nervo is just like Rebecca & Fiona and (almost) all the other uprising girl DJs around the world. Fuck all of you bitches hopping on the train when you don’t even produce your own stuff.

    I’m tired of going to nightclubs in sweden to see 2 girls who can’t even mix for shit getting primetime at some of the biggest clubs.

  • Anton says:
    Calvin Brandon: That is not Avicii.

    what is it then?

  • Paulthomson: Most likely an unknown producer trying to break through by fake-nicking his own productions as Avicii…

  • @lolmad.. just so u know.. Nervo made the song: david guetta and kelly – love is gone..
    but i agree that rebecca and fiona sux so much

  • @lolmad:

    you must surely have some sand in your vagina.

  • This is definitly not Avicii…

    Here´s the sample that Avicii uses (and many other producers…).

    lol @ the percussion sound at 4 min. It´s not even pitched correctly…

    I personally think this song sucks, haha.

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