With so much talk of legends within Sweden’s ever-growing House culture, it is easy to forget where it all began. Having donned his superior studio skills across the wider spectrum of Dance music, few can boast the musical attainment of Sweden’s intrinsic House don Steve Angello. Outside of his affiliations with the globes most sought after Dance act to date, his earlier Tech fuelled contributions and inevitable leap into the global charts with ‘Show Me Love’ remain a testament to the widespread progression of Dance music, while his own imprint Size Records can still be found at the heart of some of the globes most seminal club anthems to date. Sweden may be rife with Electronic talent, but there is only one Steve Angello.

In the same vein as Daft Punk rocked the House years before with influential Electro outing Robot Rock, Angello uses his latest Size Records romp to revisit the grittier realms of previous solo outings ‘Knas’ and ‘Rave n Roll’. But in thickening the production values of this highly anticipated return, our Mafioso man fuses seething distorted chords and skittish leads to launch a full-blown onslaught of steady beats, screaming synth-work and chanting vocoder spots to form one of the Swede stars strongest solo outings to date. While the Swedish House Mafia continue to save the world with vital doses of heartfelt yet chart worthy club fuel, it is soundly reassuring to see one of Europe’s most vital players return to the limelight with a promising injection of substantial club candy amid a truly universal explosion of fame and fortune for both himself and his craft.

‘Yeah’ is due out in 2012 via Size Records.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • +1 to that brah….and never really liked the track that much…

  • I can no doubt seeing this become the next knas

  • yo anton, no need to delete my comment. I’m not hating, i’m just sayin!

  • Well, since we didn’t post about this track earlier, this was the best opening as a great sample has now been unveiled.

  • YEAH!! boy have i been waiting for this one, definitely going to be a big track

  • i wish steve could release more tracks on his own, every solo production he puts out is a f**king banger

  • Sounds like prutataaa

  • haha arnold funny you should say that because yeah was made before prutataaa… those who can’t see the uniqueness in this track should start listening to euro dance instead

  • Not bad, but this is far worse than his tremendous ‘Knas’.

  • YES fucking finally =D been waiting for this one! really hope he releases it soon

  • @ bobsal. There’s no ‘uniqueness’ in this track as it’s sampled from a classic track. Forgot which one though

  • Knas is made from a vengeance sample, this one is way more advanced. So, calling this worse is simply ignorant

  • Sometimes tracks with easy samples can become so huge like ‘Knas’.
    The catchy sound makes the difference which I didn’t hear in ‘Yeah’. I did not say the track is horrible, but I think it’s not going to be so big as the others see it.

  • I believe this will become very big to be honest. It has that different sound. Doesn’t really matter if it’s sampled or not, the track is still a unique club track.

    whittewit + 10

  • to sample is never a bad thing, daft punk used a lot of samples and the result is awesome, the biggest hip hop tracks are made with samples, just sayin sample is not copy and btw the track is huge better than knas imo.

  • I don’t know if anyone can tell but Steve sampled Daft Punk’s ”Robot Rock” to make this song

  • +1 Haha that’s exactly what I thought! Good job.

    The track itself is very unique indeed and I think it will definitely be a No.1 at beatport etc, nice to see some solo stuff for a change.

  • anyone else than me that feel that the part around 0.25-0.30 the most in the complete track? like, when those drums kick in, i get soo excited. damn good track!!

  • typo x 10.. supposed to ask if its just me that actually prefer the part around 0.25-0.30 the most? (:

  • This sounds like a whole bunch of house tracks had an orgy and birthed a very retarded baby

  • Finally!!!!

  • This just a medicore festival track.
    Steve release Tuesday!

  • I think it’s pretty good actually, a bit different than the ”typical” house track nowadays. Not a huge track, but a definitely a decent one.

  • +1 for release tuesday!

    This song is a good festival tune, but nothing special, and as people have pointed out Knas was far superior.

    Just to add to the sample discussion going on: I’m all for sampling in the music industry, as long as it’s adds something to the tracks (in hiphop Kanye West does this extremely well).

    But what Steve did with knas was not find a bit of a song to put in his track, sample it and make a track around it/with it. He took a loop from a pack of sounds, and added a kick, basically (obviously there’s more to it, but in short that’s what the drop of knas is).

  • this is dope, but i think i’m still more excited about Axwell doing that Cosmic Opera thing next month http://www.thecosmicopera.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SGoECve0C4

  • tar ju knas alla dagar i veckan! snuskigt fet är denna!!!
    Buddha approves

  • First off, props to Dan Carter. This man can write.

    Second, surefire bet that this will be in countless festival sets this year. This track bangs on the loud speaks.

  • Inte alls min typ av house, blä.

  • Den är fet! Men finns det inga news ang. ”Tuesday” som de lirade på Ushaïa i somras?

  • Förmodligen lär han vänta med att släppa den lika länge som med Monday och alla kommer ha hunnit tröttna på den.

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