Representing another brick in the wall of aspiring House music producers currently emerging from within the borders of fruitful Sweden, Jan Francisco, professionally known as Amarou, is out with a frisky, new single as his inaugural release for 2012. In the same spirit as the label’s many previous outings, Amarou’s ‘Neblina’ is grounded upon an emotional interlude and playful chords. Boasting a melodious and frankly infectious baselines to go hand-in-hand with the voice-sounding lead and high-pitched percussions, ‘Neblina’ is a progressive Summer ditty you could be well forgiven for putting on along with the warmth of a Summer night.

Amarou – Neblina [Emotive Vibes] – Beatport Link


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  • Så jävla king man! :D

  • QUALITY stuff

  • Amazing! You should post more stuff like this! :)

  • Jaaaaavvvisst

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