Since its inception in late 2009, Pink Rabbit Records, the record label of Antillas, has found itself becoming a recognizable release platform with a penchant for bringing up aspirants from across Europe. Now returning for another year of unorthodox and promising releases, Rome-based Oza and Italy-born, Spain-based Vitodito are brought onboard to carry the light for Pink Rabbit’s proceedings in 2012. With playful vocals, synonymous with those that have been seen dominating the Euro-Dance circuit for years now, hovering atop melodic, summerish synth play and steady beats, Kawaii emerges as a bliss-filled contender for the warmer times ahead. Alongside the delightful original is also a Re-Lectro mix, which replaces the original joyful set-up with a considerably sweepier and catchier lead, peaked by the popular filter effect that has gone globally viral these past few months, and a vigorous kick for a solid part of this forthcoming pack.

Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Incl. Re-Lectro Mix) [Pink Rabbit] – Beatport Link

Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii
Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Re-Lectro Mix)


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  • I really like the Re-Lectro remix it’s great!

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