Wall Recordings warrior turned Dutch chart topper and formative Electro House stomper Quintino certainly ended 2011 on an ultimate high. Bagging the number one spot on home territory alongside Sandro Silva for his Musical Freedom debut Epic for a post-Christmas ego-boost, his well-groomed collection of assorted club gems has mustered essential support and some rather sizeable remix opportunities along the way. Where his inaugural track of 2012 The One and Only may have seemed a little assumptive on the young Dutchies behalf, his explosive reign on European Dance music seems imminent.

His second coming to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, however, does not beckon fear that his solid Dutch roots are being replaced by out of character European monotony at the apex of his industrious ascent. As slick as it is heavy, this mechanically robust escapade of adrenaline driven Electro House marks one of the young producers most forward-thinking outings to date. Where his label mate Nick Van De Wall has proven himself the master of present in terms of Holland’s sterling Electronic output, there is little to suggest that Quintino is not set to establish himself as the country’s promising musical future.

Words by Dan Carter

‘We Gonna Rock’ is released January 23rd.

7 Comments to “Preview: Quintino – We Gonna Rock [Musical Freedom]”

  • That break is DIVINE!!

  • one word : MASSIVE

  • worthy followup to epic? YES

  • I went to see him this saturday. He played a really nice set, so i think he’s gonna grow in the next couple of months internationally.

  • OMG this is…ugly.The next releases of musical freedom are no sense tracks. Nicky romero and Quintino should bring some better tracks…

  • ”establish himself as the country’s promising musical future.”

    too bad he never produced a single track himself ..

  • @Jan: he doesn’t? how do you know?

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