Tipped as our breakthrough act of 2012 and bragged to be an essential asset to Size Records by Steve Angello in a recent interview for MTV, you could forgive Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson for being a little flustered as they ascent into the New Year. Appearing out of the mist courtesy of a chance demo sent to the Mafioso man himself, the instrumental neophytes have found themselves at the outset of what may prove to be a make-or-break year for this aptly talented force in Swedish House music.

But a troll is one hell of a hostile creature and naturally, any track donning such a name would automatically be expected to follow suit. Luckily, Qulinez deliver an aptly ferocious fusing of Electro House riffage for the big room crowd that places them soundly at the apex of their new-school roots. With grinding force and impeccably invested melodic twists, their debut outing for Angello’s almighty imprint marks not only a good signing for the young Swede’s, but an intrinsically powerful asset to Size Records and their undeniable eye for fresh meat. In the same vein as the imprint has championed Max Vangeli, AN21 and Third Party, Qulinez look well on their way to establishing themselves as Europe’s next essential explosion of young House talent. Here at Beat My Day, we pride ourselves in making accurate predictions within the industry we serve and there is little indication that ‘Troll’ will do anything short of flourish for this highly anticipated duo.

‘Troll’ is due to be released on February 10th.

*Update: Official teaser added

Words by Dan Carter

30 Comments to “Preview: Qulinez – Troll [Size]”

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! FINALLY! God i’m so in love with this song!!!

  • omg awesome

  • Best tune of 2012?

  • I think this will work very good at festivals with big crowds :D

  • Så jävla bra.

  • shit my pants everytime! wuuunderbar!

  • helvetiskt dålig………

  • Ja fyfan!

  • totally overrated

  • I had to comment again, it is so phat..I didnt know at first that they were swedish, im so proud of being swedish :) my dream would be to get signed at size in the future myself :P

    And you guys who dont like it, it is difference between if something suck and if you dont like it..This is a phat track!

  • It is so fucking HUGE!
    When that big synth comes in, it’s like seeing a triple rainbow.

  • Mick: +1, so overrated.. not even good. average track..

  • i think its a a little bit overrated too..sounds like a Tommy Trash / R3hab collab..the break is pretty decent though. but we’re gonna hear this at every festival this year anyway so don’t even bother :D

  • Nice track, I like it! Reminds a bit to REJ from DV & LM: big room festival sound, even though it is not the sound you would like to hear in some clubs.

  • Nastiest drop of 2012, alongside Atom of course!

  • SIZE <3

  • åååååh så töntigt att hata på den här. samma haters som alltid Anton? låten är felfri. nuff said.

  • Släpp den imorgon och de kommer vara lika mycket tryck på Beatport!! Fattar inte trenden med överdriven hype asså… Skadar ju bara låten

  • M:

    Ja, uppenbarligen. Gick ju så jäääkla dåligt då Levels väl släpptes….

  • M:

    Ja, uppenbarligen. Gick ju så jäääkla dåligt då Levels väl släpptes….

  • nicco: Kanske inte ska jämföra ‘Troll’ med ‘Levels’ med tanke på att Levels läckte ett halvår innan releasen och det inte ens gått 2 månader sedan folk fick nys på denna låt.

  • Terrible. Perfect example of whats wrong with the trends in ”housemusic”.


  • Dessa grabbar innan de blev ”Qulinez”, Secondtunez. http://www.myspace.com/secondtunez Där har du ”Fjortisdansmusik.”

  • INSANELY MASSIVE!!! Check my mashup I made that was supported by QULiNEZ themselves up until they made there announcement of there release @ souncloud/p.Hi it’s called TROLLS WALKING ALONE I used dirty south’s vocals off ”Walking alone”

  • P.Hi, the vocals started on the wrong beat and the vocals were off-beat. The only thing you got correct was the key.

  • @ Alfred, Done DONE AnD DONE!!! Thanks man for the Insight I got it on lock now!! I can’t release the full version until my Boys QULINEZ Drop there massive banger first, but they have my final version too an we’re all set to go!! Can’t wait!

  • @ Alfred if ya want I can send you a preview of the final, see how it all planned out!

  • haha wtf är secondtunez grejen for real? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

  • now, don’t ruin this with some cheesy sloppy vocals (:

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