Having eclipsed almost every avenue of popular music with his diverse global attainments and mass international appeal, there are few musical legacies that can outgun that of the original Dutch superstar Tiësto. From opening the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens to his longstanding residency at Privilege Ibiza – the globes biggest nightclub – to his contributions to the Mission Impossible 4 soundtrack, the luminary producer has become to Electronic music what Led Zeppelin were to Rock music.

But frequenting the hottest nightspots and largest events isn’t all fun and games, that is, unless you are working to the magnitude of Tiësto. Ahead of the next installment of his ‘Club Life’ compilation series, ‘In The Booth’ offers an exclusive insight into the life and times of Dance music’s most relentless presence as he motors from the private jets to the heart of European clubbing. Boasting all the confetti, banging beats and private jet spots that accumulate the life and times of the European Dance idol, this is an exclusive insight into the high end of global Dance music and its integral Dutch master.

Part 1 of 10

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Nice

  • interesting indeed

  • crazy what a huge team there is behind the brand tiesto

  • I Dont understand why Posts of Dutch people like Afoijack tiesto get just a few likes. But if This was a video about a” Swede” like avicii it would at least have 200 likes i think that The Fans of this blog are 90% swedish??

  • Vitor: Wrong assumption. As we have grown, the total amount of visitors from Sweden makes up less than 40% of our entire visitors traffic.

    This post was published Thursday evening so the chances of this getting as much as posts published at AM when we usually post things up are quite low.

    I believe you’re overthinking this matter. People, even Dutch, seem to like the talent of Sweden’s House export but posts about Hardwell, Nicky Romero and other Dutchmen are getting plenty likes. It’s also a lot about when (day/time) the posts are published and if there are other global things going on. We have far more Swedish followers than Dutch as well. Based on all of this, there are simply too many variables involved to draw such a conclusion.

    Also, the count for both Facebook likes and tweets can at some points be slow to then be visually updated as late as several days later.

  • Likr you said : ”We have far more Swedish followers than Dutch as well.”I Think this explain a little. i just saw The post of the release of Maximal Crazy,one of the biggest tracks of the year,back in September and it has just about 143 Likes…

  • And i Dont Understant this as well.. . Hardwell’s Spaceman got more than 200 Likes and afrojacks cant stop me just got more than 90 likes.But he is so much more popular than Hardwell and the track is not bad.And i know hardwell is dutch.

  • We have linked to Hardwell ‘Spaceman’ twice from our social medias and several times from different posts. That post is also old so might have gained a few likes from people clicking in from google. As I mentioned, there are just too many variables to even start thinking about that.

  • Come on, ”likes” doesn’t change things, just enjoy the stuff you like.

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