The prolific production duo behind widely renowned offerings such as Live Your Life, Stronger and Nothing Better return to unveil their hotly tipped contender for 2012. Following a certain world premiere on Pete Tong’s prestigious Essential Selection, ‘If This Ain’t Love’ enters the limelight as Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick’s fourth single outing to date. Known by their affinity for unprecedented female vocalists, it comes as no surprise that their first single release in 2012 unfolds a structure quite reminiscent of its predecessors. Vocalised by the unremitting voice of Skin, stage name for Deborah Dyer, whom is primarily recognized for playing an essential role in the success and fame of British rock group Skunk Anansie, ‘If This Ain’t Love’ and its quite commercial piano lead and well-crafted baselines along with Skin’s entrancing vocals are all certain to carry the light for another prominent year for Morillo’s own Subliminal imprint.

‘If This Ain’t Love’ is set to release February 14th via Subliminal Records.


7 Comments to “Preview: Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Skin – If This Ain’t Love”

  • Terrible..

  • Actually, this is better than many tracks that have been posted in the last weeks imo

  • @Andy: Agreed

  • wow this was terrible..Especially the vocals :O Lool embarassing to listen to

  • Eddie’s such a good musician..he should totally stop doing stuff for erick morillo, who apparently doesn’t know jack shit of producing

  • Plz be fair and but Eddie Picture we know who produce the record!

  • Has Morillo ever produced anything good? All his productions sounds like shit =/

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