Despite being somewhat eclipsed by the globe’s more elite European movements, a steady flow of talent from Melbourne has made some increasingly positive ground in the name of Australian Dance music. On the back of the extended support of Kaskade and the Swedish House Mafia following their incredibly popular remodel of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’, rising hopefuls Aden Forte and Josh Soon, professionally known as Feenixpawl, have joined renowned club maestro Ivan Gough for a landmark release for the Aussie’s House legacy. Having set the standard for his country alongside Grant Similie as TV Rock, Gough has remained a crucial ambassador with a reputation for quality club etiquette stretching from Down Under to Ibiza, coining two Axtone releases and a sneaky ‘Essential Selection’ spot in the process.

But they say that three is a charm and with a subtle injection of fresh talent, this debut collective outing for Axtone could not have played out much smoother. Harbouring the same emotive resonance as Feenixpawl’s beloved Adele rework, Axwell’s own edit of ‘In My Mind’ touches on all the positive hallmarks that the globe has come to associate with his celebrated imprint. Mustering the powerfully distinct vocal talents of Aussie Indie Pop spectacle Georgi Kay along the way, ‘In My Mind’ pinpoints the modus operandi that has engulfed European House music over the past couple of years. In a predictable yet increasingly satisfying romp of stunning rises and graceful drops, the hard-hitting shell of this bold speck on the industry will be music to the ears of those who feared that Australia had been left behind amid this global explosion.

The Axwell mix of ‘In My Mind’ is released JANUARY 30TH.

Words by Dan Carter


How did the three of you come to collaborate?

ADEN – We’d met Ivan only a few times back home in Melbourne, but it wasn’t until we bumped into him in Greece in 2011 that we all got to talking and realised we have the same passion and vision for music. We had a gig at Paradise club, Mykonos replacing a sick Sebastian Ingrosso and Ivan was luckily at the club that night. He got to see what we were all about and I guess saw some potential in us. Basically as soon as we got back home, Ivan had emailed us asking if we wanted to get in the studio. The rest is history.

Would you say that Australia has been a particularly positive scene to cut your musical teeth on over the years?

IVAN – It took a while for local radio to notice the scene here, but the last few years have been great. Radio stations are supportive, the clubs are strong, and the festivals bring the best DJ/producers from overseas to play, which helps keep you inspired.

The phenomenal response to the live footage of ‘In My Mind’ would suggest that you have a very popular club track on your hands. What was your concept behind the collaboration and was it a relatively easy project for you guys?

JOSH – Well we flew Georgi out to Melbourne from Perth, originally for a different project but we asked if she’d be interested in spending some time in Ivan’s studio. We basically played her a short progression that Aden put together and she instantly felt it. She jotted some notes down, stood up, and just sang. When something just works, you feel it, and it doesn’t seem like you’re working towards it, but it comes naturally. After that first day when we left the studio, we all knew we had something pretty special.

Georgi is usually found amid the Australian Indie Pop scene, so how did you guys come across her incredible voice?

ADEN – I actually first heard her voice on a tv commercial. She’d sang on a track for an Australian hip-hop group called ‘The Stoops’ and their track was on an ad for foxtel. I always wanted to work with a vocalist that sounded like her, but didn’t really know any Australians that sang like that. I quickly ‘Shazamed’ the tv and got the name of the track, looked up who sang on it and found Georgi’s name. I tweeted her and asked if she wanted to do a vocal for us and she was on board from day one.

What was it about her that fitted the task of vocalising this track?

JOSH – The first time we heard her, we thought she was amazing. There is something about her really soft, emotional style that we believe really connects with anyone that hears her. We spent so long looking for someone that could take the music that we were making to that next level, she adds a depth to the track that takes it from being a club-banger to an anthem.

Bagging an Axtone release is quite an achievement by any standards. How did the signing with Axwell come about and what did that mean to you guys?

IVAN – As TV Rock, a group I’m one half of, I have had several releases on Axtone. As such I know Axwell quite well, and have a rough idea of the kinds of tracks he likes. When we were producing In My Mind, I made sure that we stayed in the ballpark of the kinds of records Ax plays. Then I sent it to him and waited. We didn’t hear anything for a few days, so I was thinking maybe he didn’t dig it. But then out of the blue he emails and says he wants to sign the record. The poor Feenixpawl boys almost fell off their chairs when i called them to give the news!

Having donned this much-anticipated offering to Axtone, what further ambitions do you hold within your careers? Can we expect any more releases over the next few months?

IVAN – On the releases front I have another 2 records we’re working on with Feenixpawl including a second record with Georgi Kay. I also have 2 new releases coming with TV Rock, one called ”Love Lost Surrender” and another called ”Bloom” done with a local producer ”Nords”. Then I have a short tour in America during the first 2 weeks of February and after that I return to the US for Miami WMC in March. Finally I’ll be back in Europe around July/August for some European summer fun!

FEENIXPAWL – Apart from a couple more originals and remixes with Ivan, we have just completed a remix for Kaskade’s ‘Room For Happiness’ which we are extremely excited about. He just told us he’s been testing it out and it’s been going down really well which is great to hear! We’ve always been big fans of his and a dream of ours to work with him in some way, so to get the opportunity to work on such an amazing track for him was unreal. In March we will be supporting Swedish House Mafia on their Future Music Festival tour here in Australia, as well as heading overseas to hopefully play some gigs in Europe and North America in the middle of the year. We’ve been extremely overwhelmed and humbled by the support so far on ‘In My Mind’, but at the same time its really raised our expectations of ourselves and given us a real drive to do bigger and better things.

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  • wow….axwell drops many tracks over axtone the last time.
    hope he releases Sing 2 Me fast too.

    however this track is huge!

  • @Alex no not that many :D
    still unreleased are:
    -story of boy meets girl
    -make up your mind
    -leave a light on
    -tokyo by night
    and those are just the non-axwell tracks!
    I’m really looking forward for an incredible year on Axtone!

  • every axtone release is like japanese food, satisfies both mind, eyes and ears

  • Great read!

  • Quite good but nothing special imo =/

  • its good but… its been almost a year that axwell hasnt release a own single (Heart is king), only edits or remixes! its quite sad because he got so much talent ..

  • @Mick I feel there is something in the work
    Maybe we will finally see his album this year?

  • I’m getting goosebumps when hearing the vocals, so stunning!
    In my eyes Axtone is one of the biggest labels at the moment, releasing phat club bangers regularly.

  • ”Incl. Axwell mix”?! Intressant!

  • Is there original mix or axwell’s mix is the only version ?

  • Cowy: Only Axwell mix.

  • @manu mmhhh i dont think so… probably too busy with the SHM thing, but who knows…

  • in my opinion its kind of frustrating when axwell does this with axtone. gets a really amazing single and then only releases HIS mix of it :\. his club edit of resurrection by michael calfan sounded extremely similar to the original yet the original has never been released. who knows if this will happen to this song. great song anyway though

  • It shold have original mix also

  • I dont think so,the same thing was with his mix of in the air,original was not so good,but ax made one of the best house songs ever,ax is a king of edits,the only difference are the details,atmosphere and vocal perfection,he just pimp the original…all the right probably goes to this trio…if you ask me,i would give all my songs to ax to make edits,it can only be a good move,not bad for sure :)

  • Awesome track, can’t wait for it!

  • This whole ‘Axwell edit’ and ‘Size matters edits’ thing is so annoying. They only do it so the song has Axwells’ or Angello’s name in it so the track will go no.1 in Beatport. They need to let the song speak for itself and let the actual artists take full credit.

  • So the original will never be released? Wtf

  • Seriously guys, who cares?

    It’s all about making the most out of every track, isn’t it? I’d rather see a track at its ultimate potential rather than lacking in some parts. If any of you have been following Axtone you’ll know that Axwell is a master when it comes to remixing/editing and every track he remixes gets better. Of course the Australians will be given credit for this track. Stop whining about useless things, the track is awesome and it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day it’s all about making the most out of every track and Axwell is the man for that job, end of discussion.

  • I agree with Ryan and Cowy, I just want to add though that it’s also about marketing. As someone said, it only makes people buy it and get it to #1 at Beatport. It’s about marketing

  • Big agree with Ryan. If you’re a promising house DJ/producer, wouldn’t you be glad to be on Axtone label? I would be more than glad.
    Best example which advantages it has to be on Axtone or Size Records and having such an Edit like of Axwell is Tim Mason I think. If I’m not wrong his first release was on Size Records with ‘The Moment’ Steve Angello also making an edit from. And look where Mason is now. Who cares, if a big DJ makes an edit of your song? It’ll make you even more famous and better and that’s what everyone wants I think.

  • the original version that was uploaded to soundcloud a while ago lacked serious power, base, mastering etc

    axwell did a good job finishing the track. The concept was there, he just made it banging

  • Cool write up and really interesting interview! #BMDyourock!

  • Alldeles för lik walking alone!
    annars stört bra

  • Is it just me or is Axtone the pinnacle for electronic album artwork?

  • People who dont like that angello or axwell edits/remixes have to understang one thing , they dont fuck the music or suck the genius of the music and producers , they just made their music more pumping , compression and mastering is the detail that should always be excellent .

  • Thanks for finally talking about > Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix) | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music!
    < Liked it!

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