Now established as Dutch House music’s bonafide party boy, the life and times of Nick Van De Wall have taken a true turn for the crazy over the past year. With his first taste for chart worthy club stylings ‘Take Over Control’ dealing a devastating rise in his mainstream appeal, what ensued was an orgy of celebrity cameos, R&B collaborations and American residencies for the once rooted stronghold of Holland’s thriving underground House elite. Already championed by the likes of The Shapeshifters and Chocolate Puma, Shermanology are in a similar position of articulate musical progression to their longstanding industry peer, boasting a superior live presence alongside their impending global explosion.

But closer to home Afrojack’s musical legacy of Wall Recordings has shown little concern for the mainstream commodities that have engulfed his day to day life, instead opting for an ongoing rampage of elcteic Netherland’s talent that has proven itself gold dust across the industry. Once Holland’s best kept sectret, Andy, Dorothy and Leon Sherman join their renowned Dutch devotee to don their superb vocal stylings to a song that beautifully summarises the life and times of both musical forces. Dealing in those signature synth leads that have illuminated dance floors and billboard charts alike with passionate club-tinged charm, Dorothy leads proceedings with her beautifuly moulded melodic styling’s to drive home a hard-hitting follow-up to 2011’s ‘Grindin’.

Afrojack & Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me [Wall Recordings] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

12 Comments to “Release: Afrojack & Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me [Wall]”

  • my favourite afrojack track yet for sure

  • This is really, really bad =/

  • Really Good Follow-Up to take Over Control . Many people are Bitching about the Vocals ,they say it`s too mainstream. The vocals are great i,its a sing-along anthem!Do you want tracks that people dont like to sing or something?Only Underground is good?And ThIS is not mainstream commercial!For sure this is going to be a hit.Club Banger!

  • Stunning vocals!

  • afrojack sucks now… Paris hilton?? what the FUCK is he thinking

  • Afrojack burned out in 2010.

  • personally not a fan

  • @Justin
    I really hope that your music opinon doesn’t affect who he’s seeing in his spare time.


  • Fet, men som DA sa: Någon som håller med om att pausen i mitten är liiiiiiiiiiiiiiite för lång?

  • Boom! Afrojack is killing it

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