When two of Sweden’s hottest House exports joined the country’s most hotly tipped newcomer, the outcome was never going to be mediocre. But that is very much the theme for the meticulous legacy Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso as two-thirds of the globes hottest Electronic outfit to date. Since first engaging the budding talents of Alesso for collaborative floor-filler ‘Calling’, it was evident that the young producer had outgrown his underdog status and we entered 2012 with high hopes for this stirring new school contender.

Never ones to disappoint in the face of hysteria, Angello and Ingrosso join the young Refune warrior for an extraordinary offering like none other by either artist. Drawing on the flawless samples of Mirock’s 2011 Stealth Records slammer by the same name, this Swedish onslaught draws on the unexpected for its new years resurrection. Flowing seamlessly from its early acid rises into a dark yet progressive romp of clubworthy carnage, any expectations that could have been mustered are blown out of the roof and just when we thought we had seen ever trick in the book the Swedes had to offer, here they are back on track to prove their legacy is anything but a short term fling for Electronic Dance Music.

Words by Dan Carter

44 Comments to “Preview: Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Alesso – Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This)”

  • Sick track!!

  • Why am I doing this…

    Listened to that vengeance sample 100 times cause it was so funny.. even funnier that these guys doing a track with it :D

    Sounds like steve angello in mainpart, and alesso/ingrosso in the breaks..

    / O

  • Was more happy at the breakdown melodies rather than the actual chorus. Too much electro-ish crap for my taste. Extend the actual melody and go for that instead. Sounds Angello all over the track..

  • Fet!

  • This is a very well produced track and I really like it! I can sense Alesso in the second break! I like it!

  • meh… the drop actually killed the track..

  • YES!!!

  • I’ts the first listen, but it felt a bit boring? or is it just me?

  • 00:00 – 03:05 is nice, last 50 seconds are crap.

    Best part is the 2nd break which is done by Alesso

  • Huge!!

    what sample is it? :)

  • Alexander: It samples vocals from Mirock ‘Why Am I Doing This’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCy4zJ-ySdE

  • äntligen lite jävla Mode Hookers/Buy Now stuk igen! tänker tillbaka på body crash, for sale och Breathe och nu den här! Tack gubbar + alesso.

  • +1 Ruben

  • SICK!

  • @Anton: the why am i doing this vox is a vengeance sample

    love the break and the first drop..second drop bored me a bit..maybe it’ll grow on us :D

  • LOL I can do better than this…

  • Säger som Henke, äntligen lite Buy Now-stuk på musiken. Saknat deras tidiga stil som fan.

  • Tyckte breaket var tråkigt som fan dock

  • Undra vem som tar denna, Size eller Refune?

  • Love it!!!!

  • Sick track. The mafioso guys at their best, and Alesso bringing it as usual!

  • Love this heavy, hard underground stuff. Love a collaboration between these three!!

  • Fucking love it!!, the electro and the alesso synths mixed together<3

  • bam.. gillar oxå buy now nostalgin

  • 0:58-1:28 is the best part, the break would’ve been ok if the part after that would’ve been a bomb. Now its only mediocre. But 0:58-1:28 makes this tune worth adding to the case.

  • alesso is the king of melodies hands down the melodies that are in that kids head amaze me i have seen him 3 times live once with sebastian ingrosso at pacha nyc 2 days after ingrosso got married in june 24 2011 and he and seb had two the sickest sets i have ever herd in pacha i saw alesso again with dirty south at pacha sept 3 2011 and his set was even better then in june and then i saw him 3 weeks ago dec 30 at pacha nyc again for his first headlining gig at pacha nyc and his set was 3 hours of bomb after bomb he improved so much as a dj its not even debateable thats what makes him an amazing artist is that he is one of the best producers and a really really good live dj to see this track is another example of what you get when you feature 3 really good producers alesso is going to be one of the best djs before its all said and done and in my opinion shits on avicii on his bad day i love this track

  • @manuel
    not sure if troll or serious?
    The steve angello part is really well-produced, but the end is meh

  • This should have been significantly better considering the trio working on it.

  • First drop is Awesome!
    Second drop isn’t that good IMO.

  • You can tell where alesso took over. His part was so much better than the rest. Alesso should and I think is top three Dj

  • Come on, really? This is what swedish house music has come to? :( It sounds as if they just quickly threw something together :/ Angello and Ingrosso you can do better than that!

  • Was expecting way more when i saw the names.. it’s a decent track though.

  • Guys how do you know who made which part? and that makes no sense i think eeryone helped in all parts of the song in the studio…i am the only one here that liked the second drop?The first drop is no that good imo

  • såå jävla feeet!!
    this is awsome!!

  • @AlexK +199999

  • ”So guys, this is very exclusive for you guys” – Seb Ingrosso

  • where is house music ? :(

  • blev riktigt besviken i början av låten. bättre kan alla av dom. men ändå en hyfsad låt.

  • Ajajaj besviken

  • expected better from these three, but the track is banging and reminds me of buy now. I love it :D

  • so many ill-informed opinions here, sad to see that house music fans have become too cool for their own music, this is a great fucking track, stop being so fucking pessimistic

  • Can you say – Knife Party ?

  • Swedish House Mafia are so f*ckin awesome!!!! I love Swedish House Mafia!!! Where can I find those pictures on the Youtube clip?? Will upload them on my Facebook. :)

  • Will this track never be released, since SHM are breaking up???? NOOOO!

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