As far as Sweden’s new school House assets go, few can claim the smooth industrious landing of Stockholm’s Otto Knows. Launching out with a popular remodel of Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’, Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records have remained intrinsically interested in the young Swede’s footsteps, while a further signing alongside Tim Berg and Oliver Ingrosso with ‘iTrack’ for Stealth Records indicated that it wasn’t just the mafia man who was paying close attention and his inevitable debut for Refune is sure to turn a few heads in the process.

Subtly flowing from tranquil melodic breaks to emotively building synth lines, the young Swede expertly crafts the simplest of samples to create a genuinely atmospheric soundscape of first-class club grooves. Already making its way into the sets of Tiësto, Ingrosso and Avicii, less truly proves more for this fine specimen in unpretentious Progressive House music. As one of a million hopeful contenders within Electronic Dance Music, Otto Knows truly outruns the competition with a back-to-basics approach to club music’s more emotive realms.

‘Million Voices’ is set for release February 8th.

Words by Dan Carter


Landing your first release for Refune is a pretty big deal for any artist. How did you first become involved with the label?

I met mr label owner Seb Ingrosso through his cousin. Then on a dinner Seb complained about not having time for all the demos and promos coming in to the label and I said, – Let me take care of it, and the next week I had my Refune mail account and all tracks came to me and I kind of organized them and passed them through to Seb. A few weeks later he gave me the key to his studio and said – you can sit and work here on one condition, the tracks you need to release on Refune. For me it was not to hard to agree on that terms :)

Talk us through the concept behind ‘Million Voices’

In fact I was bored in the studio and I thought nothing I made sounded good or interesting so I started a new project named ”No Inspiration”. I didn’t start to do things as I usually  do in terms of producing and suddenly got this idea about kids singing in on the track. I sampled some screaming and singing kids and cut the vocals up which obviously became the main element in the track with a pretty emotional melody.

Having seen you play alongside Tiësto for New Year’s Eve and now sealed your debut release for Refune, what more can we expect from you over the coming months?

I got a bunch of confirmed shows with Sebastian Ingrosso in the US that will be announced soon which I’m looking forward to and I will just continue working hard in my new studio. I already got a few tracks that I cant wait to reveal for you guys!

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  • I’ve been waiting for this track so long.. I really love it.

    Great job!

  • damn this track is fuckin sick

  • not so much :(

  • sounds a bit like feel

  • this is a track, yes sounds a little like feel but still different enough.

  • I love this one!
    Finally this one will be released!

  • OMG!

  • One of my favorite labels, continues to release great, unique music after the medicore ‘The Legend’.

  • Refune is back! Absolutely amazing track

  • I heard this track last summer, I think as part of tiesto’s podcast.. I’ve waited and waited and waited… well, I’ve waited too long.. or maybe ”Otto knows” waited too long…. right now, It feels like it lost all of its magic…


  • AHHH!! With all the crap being released in progressive recently, this sounds so damn refreshing! I cannot wait.

  • FINALY! I have listend to the rip over 100 times.

  • WOW! What a track!

  • gåshud !!!

  • interesting track indeed! BMD, you have any news about Third Party – Feel?

  • david: It’s supposed to be released around WMC on Size.

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