1978 saw distinct German Disco force inject the industry with a song that no one really knew how to deal with. Mustering chart action across the globe, however, it seemed that the quirky grooves of ‘Rasputin’ had caught a ears along the way. Far further down the line, Swedish brothers in-the-beat Enzio and Emilio could be found attempting to rekindle the fire of the beloved genre with a 21st century twist. In the wake of their debut single ‘Soul Train’, the young Stockholm duo have taken substantial pride is assuming the role of their country’s more creative House collective.

In a bid to emasculate the original 70’s crowd pleasers avid ‘cheese’ factor, the scattered tweaks and buckled disco vibes of the duo’s next track marks something of an evil professor status for the rising Swedes. Amid a scene of often mind numbing unoriginality, this daringly different outing suggests there are still a few crucial wildcards on the European circuit to be turned over. Enzio and Emilio are definitely one of them.

‘Disco Shit’ is released as a free download on February 3rd.

Words by Dan Carter

9 Comments to “Preview: Enzio & Emilio – Disco Shit”

  • Funky stuff

  • Det är så här samplandet ska göras, öppet och ärligt samtidigt som det är kreativt och modernt

  • great vibe

  • Catchy, funky and not taking itself too serious. Thumbs up !

  • Har dessa grabbar någonsin gjort något eget? Samma sak som med ”soul train” eller vad den hette. Massa samples bara. Gör nått eget och sluta ta cred för andras verk.

  • Care to give an example of the numbing unoriginality among the Swedish producers Dan?

    I personally think (constructive) criticism is healthy for any kind of creative environment since it makes room for improvement and self reflection among the people it concerns. Unfortunately i haven’t read one single line of criticism on this blog since…ever (except the haters in the comments ofc.) Isn’t time for bmd to throw the silk gloves and give some of the producers a whipping for a change? with over 16000 people liking what you guys do on FB you’re bound to have some impact on the industry and it’s peers. Really enjoy the work you guys put in to this site but with the influence you have on people you probably could get a LOT of the currently featured producers to step their game up (because many DO fall under the numbing unoriginality-category).

    No hating, just saying! ;)

  • +1 jonas

  • +2 jonas

  • Soul Train : En bra låt men snarare en remix/modernisering av ahija http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShMjAc35xG0 de hade vart tungare att hålla kvar orginal namnet men cred ändå ni är ju duktiga trots allt! peace

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