Having already made positive noise with their unexpected radio hit ‘Made Of’ for John Dahlback’s Mutants Records, Stockholm’s Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja have proven a more versatile force in Electronic Dance Music than anyone could have anticipated. Already boasting remix duties for Kaskade, David Morales and Adrian Lux, their relatively short peak within the industry has spelt another hometown victory for the country we clearly cannot deter.

Their latest concoction of divine chord play and poignant harmonic developments, now a staple feature of their country’s rising Electronic legacy, proves Nause to be a stunning example of Sweden’s more heartfelt studio forces amid the race for EDM supremacy. With further promise of a vocal cut and promising international tour dates on the horizon, their forthcoming release on Universal marks a solid step forward for these promising Progressive House patrons.

‘Mellow’ is set for release February 13th via Universal Music.

Words by Dan Carter

31 Comments to “Preview: Nause – Mellow (Instrumental Mix) [Universal]”

  • Finally!

  • Låten läckte för över 1 år sen. Bara dra iväg Nause – ID på youtube så finns den där

  • william: Versionen på YouTube är en RIP från ett mixtape de gjorde i April förra året. Dvs. låten har inte läckt.

  • shit

  • versionen från mixtapet lät bättre än denna, det känns som de har kortat ner längden på noterna/midiblocken vilket gör att denna blir hackig i melodin :( eller iaf det man hör i breaket ..i droppet låter det ju smoothare, men där är det whitenoise i början av det man hör så det är svårt o veta om de låter likadant där efter noisen har försvunnit ..första var mycket bättre iaf, hoppas de läser detta o fixar till den officiella versionen! annars bra jobbat gubbar! :)

  • @blabla Stämmer nog att dom ändrat lite, vill du höra lite längre preview så spelade Adrian Lux just Mellow ungefär 26:55 in i sitt set ”Lux Like 001″: http://houserls.com/adrian-lux-lux-001-01-14-2012/

  • That’s nice overall, but isn’t impressive for me. You need to develop a new sound if you want to become successful, or maybe you’re going to do the same shit forever

  • fa-an vad jag väntat på denna!

  • inte i min smak alls

  • Riktigt bra!!

  • I think the bpm is changed to 129 something from 126~ that’s why the notes seems to be shorter. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    The song itself is very catchy, the congobass is amazong!

  • I think the master really made this track stand out from previous IDs

  • @Toolroom


  • @wayyway

    mastering of the track

  • @well

    That makes no sense, if they speed up the track the notes should then be ”longer” because the tracks gets squeezed shorter in that sense

  • Shoo:

    Something went wrong in that equation. Imagine you have a sausage. If you squeeze the sausage together (speeding up the track) will the sausage get longer.

    How can then the notes get longer. They get shorter of course. It’s not as long time between the notes as before you speeded it up.

    Hope you understand now.

  • Got any information on this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAGk1W39Yeg

  • NICE

  • Med andra ord så kommer det en vocal mix på den här?

  • abdulla kekosa: Yes!

  • This is not an instrumental mix, this is an unofficial bootleg! If you are an experienced house listener you can easily hear that.

  • Housepro: How is this an unofficial bootleg?

  • Anton this package was delayed?

  • kiko: The instrumental mix of ‘Mellow’ will be released later on today or tomorrow.

  • Oh ok, asked because I didn’t found it at beatport and you didn’t posted the release info today either, thanks.

  • Still not out…:/

  • Yes its out, but i dont give you a free download link :)

  • Anton: How is this not an unofficial bootleg?

  • Housepro: Do you know what a bootleg is? Bootleg would suggest this track is unofficial and not copyrighted. And there is nothing like an ”unofficial bootleg”. Either it’s a track or a bootleg.

  • I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

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