Paul Thomas, once the British undergrounds best kept secret, has led the way for his country’s stronghold on all things big room. As a firm favourite amid the likes of Funk Farm and Toolroom Records, the Birmingham based producer has laced the industry with his finely tailored take on the bigger picture of club worthy bangers. In a time of generic poses and predictable playlists, Thomas remains resourceful reverie to floor aficionados across the globe.

But his follow up to the latest collaboration with Israeli duo Weekend Heroes, entitled ‘V.A.M.P’, deals in the same positive progressives as we have come to expect from the boisterous Brit. Layered with resonating vocals and a stern backbone of well-groomed beats, the apex of ‘Morena’ encapsulates the semi-euphoric melodic big room triumph that has established Paul Thomas and Weekend Heroes as beacons not only for genuinely advanced productions, but energy that trounces the vast majority of his European peers. There is little to indicate that the rising Progressive bomber isn’t enroute to a global explosion and with an undeniably powerful return to Spinnin Records, 2012 looks to be a truly British and Israeli revolution in Electronic Dance Music.

‘Morena’ is released February 27th via Spinnin Records.

Words by Dan Carter

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