Originally released as part of the Icelandic band GusGus‘ eighth studio album last year, ‘Within You’ and its sophisticated appeal gets an ultimate remix treatment from Norway’s possibly most potent Progressive House duo to date. Famed by their affinity for large beats and stadium-esque synth lines, Carl Louis and Martin Danielle, fresh off their debut single on Thomas Sagstad’s newly launched Strictly Rhythm sublabel, FiveAM, give the original’s relaxing and canorous instrumentals a proper revamp á la big room House. While the original focuses on sweeping strings and a significant dose of soulfulness, the Carl Louis and Martin Danielle remix reflects on a set of heavy-stepping kicks and those signature synths of theirs to make up this Norwegian pair’s inaugural release of 2012.

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  • 320 kbps link isn’t working for me :\

  • nvm works now lol

  • Good idea but what happen with the mixing? No good sound =/

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