Following last year’s excellent studio output on their behalf, the new year promises to be another big one for Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten, better known as Bingo Players, as they make way for another leviathan outing for their own Hysteria Records label. Coming on the heels of such acclaimed records as Mode and Rattle, Bingo Players continue to show indications of themselves being more than capable of maintaining a top-notch standard as far as their music outlet lately goes. For their first mark on the digital market in 2012 then, ‘L’Amour’ sure would stand out from any crowd as it does not only consist of that heavy-stepping signature sound the Dutch duo have come to familiarise themselves with but a uniquely knitted down-tempo break of an acid-rock merge of sounds to further establish themselves as a household name for well-crafted and utterly unique electro-house originals.

‘L’Amour’ is released February 20th via Hysteria Records.


9 Comments to “Preview: Bingo Players – L’Amour [Hysteria]”

  • awful..if you sample this beautiful track, use it good.

  • Oh my gosh, this is even more annoying than Rattle! xD

  • What is the original then?

  • this song made my laugh

  • Ruben, it´s NOT sampled its just a sync type of sound, quite common preset in most VA/plug-ins.

  • First 20 sec in I was like, hmm clearly the melody from Robot Rock, this must be a sample. Nice homage with the name being in French.

  • So much daft! but i like!

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