Accumulating a dignified arsenal of club-worthy moment makers across his vast studio legacy, Ryan Raddon has proven himself an all-American triumph. Now synonymous with emotional Progressive House anthems and finely tuned vocal spots, 2011’s ‘Fire and Ice’ marked the fierce producer’s most thorough collection of gems to date. On the other side of the world, Melbourne newcomers Aden Forte and Josh Soon have been making similar swells of positivity for their respective scene off the back of their Axtone debut alongside Ivan Gough ‘In My Mind’, setting aside any feats that the Aussie scene was starting to lull against the force of their European peers.

In a tip to the popular highlight of ‘Fire and Ice’, Feenixpawl don their tactful studio etiquette to further prove the strong grasp now associated with this rising duo. Embracing the resonance of the originals melodic keys alongside Skylar Grey’s divine vocal stylings, the summit of this worthy remodel comes with a forceful blast of diverse energy that separates this promising Aussie stronghold from the crowd with the utmost success. Despite the cult following now boasted by Kaskade’s global legacy, this unoffensive remix is sure to prove as satisfying to the ears of long-time aficionados and newly inaugurated fans of his landmark full-length offering.

The remixes of ‘Room For Happiness’ are out February 7th.

Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Preview: Kaskade, Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix)”

  • OMFG!!

  • weak remix, this style has been done thousand times :(

    the chords in the beginning where she sings is in key but they feel very strange to the vocal as well because of the disposition of them

  • maybe these guys were just a one hit wonder guys with the in my mind track =/

  • Definately not one hit wonders.. These guys are insane!

  • The Gregori Klosman remix is better a mon avis.

  • Gets better each to you hear it! well done fxp!

  • time*

  • Gotta agree with Shoo, the chords in the begging start disting at about 0.10 and they don’t really fit very well with the vocals that come in. The synergy just isn’t there.

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