Originally released in early October of 2010, Style Of Eye and Magnus The Magnus‘ ‘Antidote’ single is back to get itself a second official remix, coming off the immense cut by Pleasurekraft. Chopped up vocals, distorted sounds and hard-lined baselines all turned the distinguished original victorious and led it to having lived the underground scene for about a year by now. As it ups the ante for a floor-filling and big room-suited Sebjak take, the timeless cachets of Antidote seem to be quite the successfully re-appearing array of sounds. With his club-banging characteristics leading himself into indenture with Steve Angello’s Size Records and EMI, the rise of Sebastian Jakobsen thrives further as he adds a splendid blend of hefty beats and a mysterious break to ‘Antidote’ for it’s second remix now out via Tony Senhore’s Horehaus Records.

Style Of Eye & Magnus The Magnus – Antidote (Sebjak Remix) [Horehaus Records] – Beatport Link


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  • Just bought it. Insane remix!

  • Me too! Good job sebjak :)

  • inget kommer någonsin slå den bästa remixen genom tiderna – The antidote (Pleasurekraft ‘Gorillas In The Mids’ Remix)

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