1978 saw distinct German Disco force inject the industry with a song that no one really knew how to deal with. Mustering chart action across the globe, however, it seemed that the quirky grooves of ‘Rasputin’ had caught a ears along the way. Far further down the line, Swedish brothers in-the-beat Enzio and Emilio could be found attempting to rekindle the fire of the beloved genre with a 21st century twist. In the wake of their debut single ‘Soul Train’, the young Stockholm duo have taken substantial pride is assuming the role of their country’s more creative House collective.

In a bid to emasculate the original 70’s crowd pleasers avid ‘cheese’ factor, the scattered tweaks and buckled disco vibes of the duo’s next track marks something of an evil professor status for the rising Swedes. Amid a scene of often mind numbing unoriginality, this daringly different outing suggests there are still a few crucial wildcards on the European circuit to be turned over. Enzio and Emilio are definitely one of them.


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Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Free Download: Enzio & Emilio – Disco Shit”

  • thanks, really nice one

  • Really bad :/

  • The first version was much better.

  • Rasputin original is much better, and the Lyrics from Blow are way better used in Butch ”Disco Shhhh”.

    How could you dance to that version? its so chopped. Passed.

  • Nah, not for me. Original is so much better and you are not qualified for a remix of this legendary tune

  • Vad har hendt med Enzo & Emilio? Båda deras soundcloud-sida och soundcloud-sida har blitt tagit ned?

  • Hmm tack! Dom har tagit bort någon songer, blant annat soul train så derfor hittada jag inte dom, och linken från beatmyday til deras facebook-sida funkade heller inte så da blev jag lite urolig :) Men phew, dom lever en! :)

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