Love him or hate him, Skrillex has changed the game as far as the Electro-Step crossover is concerned. From Screamo heart throb to affirmative wobble master, through wave after wave of solid low-end outings Sonny Moore has led the way for a new generation of Electro orientated artists while showing little sign of sheltering the vivacious energy alongside it. Anyone brave enough to take that intimidating soundscope and inject it into the work of The Doors was bound to see a mixed reception, but the postive influx of support for Breakn’ A Sweat suggests that the senseless bitching has been iradicated by a warm sense of industrious respect.

Of a similar mindset is German Electro House newcomer and labelmate Zedd, slamming the door on genre defiancy and ripping the Beatport charts a new one at every possible turn. In a self-fulfilling romp of distored lead work and frantic melodic peaks, the clean shaven fuzz of Anton Zaslavski’s potent remodel extends a clubworthy shelf life to Skrillex’s original, encapsulating the same low-end authority of the original stalemate stand-off to hit home a more Electro orientated offering than that of its 2-step original. We may have heard it all before, but oversubscribed sub genre remains aurally stimulating at the hands of two of its key players.

Skrillex & The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat (Zedd Remix) [Big Beat Records] – Beatport Link
(Featured as part of Regeneration Music Project’s Soundtrack Album now out for free)

Skrillex & The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat (Zedd Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

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  • massive tune!

  • Download doesn’t work for me.?

  • @Brecht, you have to click on the download button after clicking download in this post.

  • great track by the way

  • Ye did it but it didn’t work in firefox. Worked in Chrome. Thanks anyway ;)

  • YES!

  • I use Firefox and it works fine here.
    Awesome remix btw, I’m gonna play it quite often I think.


    Vocal version of Calling that Alesso played a few days ago at XS Las Vegas

  • this is a massive tune! ääääääääääääääääääääälskar zedd!!!

  • how it could be able to download if you also can buy it on beatport tomorrow?

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