As far as contemporary Dutch visionaries are concerned, Marco V has remained a gleaming entity to Europe’s stern electronic backbone. Having successfully injected his early Trance roots into every imaginable avenue of EDM, a continuous presence on the international club circuit has allowed him to channel his anthemic studio output through his In Charge imprint and T.A.O multimedia concept.

At the height of his global ascent, the eclectic Dutch talent presents one of his most ferocious and varied tracks to date. Drawing on the dexterity of his once Trance-based output, Analogital plasters through the darker realms of Marco’s studio presence to deal a hefty dose of Electro-fused club fuel for T.A.O. Displaying the signature low-end properties of Electro House alongside his concise yet significantly unpretentious signature vibes, the steep builds and turns of this old-school epiphany marks a promising notch in an artist still able to remain relevant in the modern music market. It may not be to the standard of persistent Trance aficionados, but ‘Analogital’ marks a positive revolution for the renowned Dutch club filler and his impending global legacy.

Marco V – Analogital [TAO Recordings] – Beatport Link

Marco V – Analogital

Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Release: Marco V – Analogital [TAO]”

  • OMFG!! this will destroy clubs

  • This sound good, really like the soundpicture of it, good mix. But maybe to much inspiration from nicky romeros toulose? =/

  • Fat.

  • What a surprising release, didn’t expect it comes so early.

  • Kinda delivers the same feeling as Toulouse, which is a feeling I love ;=)

  • Wow, that drop was unexpected. Love it.

  • Bam! /me like the bass. Skip the 2:00 till 2:54 part, the rest is awesome !

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