The positive undercurrent in Russia’s momentous Electronic Dance movement can be closely attributed to a globally renowned outlet of awe inspired Progressive House. Alongside sophisticated hometown peers Swanky tunes and others, Alexander Shapovalov and Denis Chepikov have come to epitomise the globes burly nod to their country’s sterling musical output with back-to-back big room outings for the likes of Axtone and Cr2 Records. Emerging from a once cold and socially sanctioned country where Western music was mythical, this dynamic trio have taught the international scene a thing or two about club worthy Dance anthems.

While their return to Axtone may seem a little brutal for the renowned imprint upon first listen, the development of this hard hitting outing from Hard Rock Sofa reclaims their spot on the European throne of Electronic Dance Music, further extending the labels untouchable scope for essential new blood. Packing a vital punch of rough screaming leads and explosive beats, it is ‘Quasar’s stubborn low-end undertone that drives home this landmark release for the seminal Russian duo and their globally acclaimed knack for ferocious club fuel.

‘Quasar’ is due to be released on February 13th via Axtone.

Words by Dan Carter

27 Comments to “Preview: Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar [Axtone]”

  • I need remixes for this, Original Mix is not for me

  • Not bad actually, but for this I’m hoping Axwell will make an edit. : D

  • But still a quality Axtone release. Their promo videos and promo are phenomenal!

  • Yes, indeed. Are there any information who’s creating all this fantastic preview videos?

  • this one with Coming Home acapella its a perfect catch! lets go axtone..

  • Powerful, kicky and motivating track, like pure DOPE without the bad sides! and FIY the videos are made by these guys :!/work

  • And the artworks are done by breakfastdesign.

  • lol, sounds like knight rider intro:

  • Style Of Eye – Girls & Nightrider intro = Quasar.. But still a very nice track

  • Droppet var i och för sig det fetaste och mest unika i grenren på länge.

  • fbz: agreee, firs think i thought about!

  • I love this one, since I heard it from SHM – New york set, I been waiting for a official preview or relesae.

  • anybody know when Arty, Matisse & Sadko – Trio is coming out ?? been waiting so long

  • @james

    Arty says in a interview that it will be released close to March or April.

    Read here:

  • @ fbz & cxi it’s actually a preset in sylenth1 called K.I.T.T. (which is the name of the car in knight rider) they didn’t even have to play out the notes because it’s already an arp.. fat track per usual but i personally am getting really tired of all this sound-the-same bigroom tracks about now

  • så jävla köttig.. men breaket påminner förmycket om GIRLS.

  • GREAT track! kinda sad that Axwell didn’t release a teaser sooner to promote the track better cuz this is def the best release so far on Axtone :) UNIQUE and BRUTAL!

  • ”david says:
    GREAT track! kinda sad that Axwell didn’t release a teaser sooner to promote the track better cuz this is def the best release so far on Axtone UNIQUE and BRUTAL!”
    Seriously? Either you started listening to house last year or you know nothing about Axtone’s incredible releases?

  • @david

    ”best release so far on Axtone” REALLY? WTF!!!???

    This one doesn’t deserve to be released on Axtone…

  • Very Fedde Le Grand a la ”Metrum”.

  • And again WTF…maybe this song is kinda unique,and its not what we are listening every day but man,best on axtone o.O…maybe you should listen teenage crime,one look,in the air,leave the world behind,heart is king,blow up,sign your name,old axwells releases…after all these songs you can put quasar as average song on axtone !!!

  • #totallysoundslike Knight Rider!

  • @Hugo

    Stop using hashtags, this is not twitter. And why do you even complain?

    The track you did with Alaa ”MRTN – SLOW (Alaa & Hugo Kalm Remix)” is a ripoff of ”Lazee – Tag feat. Madcon & Julimar (Nause Remix) ”

    So please, shut up.

  • @Jonas

    From what soundbank is it?

  • @andrew

    lmao owned…

  • Un seu mot : tuerie !

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